Tarot Reading & Conversation

      This is an in-depth, one on one conversation using the tarot cards as a guide to help navigate & explore ones journey of self.

50 Minute Tarot Reading

This is a 50 minute in depth reading using tarot & conversation to explore one self, peeling layers for personal growth, enlightenment & wisdom.

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Tarot Reading & Bracelet

This is a 40 minute Tarot Reading to gain insight on a specific topics that will include a unique tailored crystal healing bracelet to support & nurture the energy of the reading.  $120.00

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30 Minute Tarot Reading

This is a 30 minute quick & easy way to gain insight on specific questions & topics that you wish to shed light on for personal growth, enlightenment & understanding. $55.00

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My Love For Tarot

I started my love with Tarot Cards over 38 years ago, getting my first deck at the age of 14.  I have personally always sought the comfort of readings the tarot cards to help decipher & navigate my path in life.  I am forever a student of this craft, using & bring these learnings into my practice personally & professionally.  Magical conversations begin with the shuffling of the deck & the turning of a card while using intuition & the picture to tell the story.

How To Read A Tarot Card

MagicalMaven does not offer refund on services provided. This is for personal growth & entertainment purposes only.