so Im asking for your help, my beloved universe and angelic helpers

  dear universe and my entrusted heavenly angels, its been a while since I last wrote you, and now that mercury retrograde is coming to an end (thank god) I thought this would be the most perfect time for me to have a chat with you all..a lot has been going on in my life lately more so thanContinue reading “so Im asking for your help, my beloved universe and angelic helpers”

the hidden meaning and message behind 5777..

there is a energetic meaning behind the Jewish New year number of 5777, sending out messages of infinite wisdom and clarity if you are capable enough to see them in the aspects to which they are presented to us, each individually and at specific times.. the number 5, has specific vibrations that influence your life changes that will inspireContinue reading “the hidden meaning and message behind 5777..”

just short of a miracle

while the physical world physically separated Eran and I again after the 10 days we had spent together, the spiritual world united us in a way that in the simplest definition was just short of a miracle..there where defiantly some day that i just didn’t  want to get out of bed, but life forces you to be accountable for the other people that you bring intoContinue reading “just short of a miracle”