I pronounce today, step dad day!

I don’t think you ever really realize what you signed up for up for, until you are knee deep in enemy territory with an entire former family (I had to eventually cut family ties) rooting for your failure..still to this day mind you..


so mothers day started off interesting to say the least..it all went down with a phone call from my teenage daughter not really wishing me a happy mothers day BUT instead asking me if at around 430 (we were picking them up at 130 from her dads) she could go with her father instead to his mothers day family BBQ..how ya like them apples.. my immediate response of rightful disappointment to her question was retaliated with the quickness […]

some people as parents, forget to do the right thing for the children

  parenting can be an utter bitch sometimes, especially when there is a separation or divorce involved..there is nothing more aggravating when you are supposed to be coming together as a team to co parent the child only to be counter parent instead leaving sloppy boundaries, a very unstable foundation with very loose provisions for your child..one parent has […]

..i cant imagine what it is like to be you in the circle of us

im not sure what its like to be a step father, but I can imagine from a mothers perspective as mine, its got to be the most single handling hardest job on earth, especially within our tribal family.. for the last 5.4 years, I have watched you, my beloved husband, love these girls as flesh of your own, […]

I’m a damn good fucking mother

  im a mother, mommie, mom, momma.. Id like to believe and say that I’m a damn good fucking mother, probably the best role I have filled thus far in my life, although being a wife for the 3rd time, I have successfully managed to go from rotten to superb by choosing more wisely this time around..so […]

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