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but fuck them, 6 years later and LOVE STILL WON!



183945_10150117501228145_4709611_nits our 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY today WOOOOO HOOOO and it has been quite the joy ride to get here while we are still standing strong..i think we have finally put to rest all the naysayers who didn’t believe or approve of our decision, and lost those who weren’t willing to get on board or really make it past the first destination to be frank with our crazy magical once in a life time story that got us to where we are now, but fuck them, 6 years later and LOVE STILL WON!

you see 6 years ago, without “permission” or even really any bodies approval I did something so outrageous and crazy to those who believed they had once knew me and secretly married Eran..when we made this decision, I wasn’t really thinking about every body else for a change and decided to take a gamble with my own heart this time and follow my own intuition and gut for the first time after 2 prior failed marriages.. Continue reading but fuck them, 6 years later and LOVE STILL WON!

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divine timing doesn’t care where you are in life at all


have you ever been so taken aback by a surprise moment that you are shocked in how could this be possibly happening now right out of left field as your scratching your head and at the same time jumping up and down in utter joy, amazement!..divine timing doesn’t care where you are in life at all..extraordinary shit will magically show up at the exact time it is supposed too, testing you on levels you haven’t even emotionally worked on yet, simply to see if your prepared to take the wisdom you have learned thus far to newer greater heights and give you exactly what you asked for without apologies.. its ironic how a few weeks after i had my conversation with the universe, the forgotten Israeli boy from the banana fields shows back up after so many years gone on facebook..

life isn’t kidding around when it sends you potential gifts if you able to see them as they truly are..sometimes we tend to ignore the signs that we have asked for, possibly begged for, out of fear of actually having to accept the challenge and or change the course of the navigation that you are currently traveling on..sometimes these gifts are given with no strings attached and sometimes they come with lessons you on a soul level are being prepared to face..after a weeks of correspondence back and forth and eventually skype, I knew the little boy I once innocently loved in a most pure way and had the most unique profound connection too, was now a handsome attractive grown up man facing me from across the world in a very different light challenging all my greatest beliefs.. Continue reading divine timing doesn’t care where you are in life at all