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The Unexpected Goodbyes Of Pandemic 2020

A little & A lot has happened over quarantine these last few months, taking my flow of emotions from one place to another without apology or remorse since that’s the way life rolls.   Instead I decided to become more vigilant to find the beauty in this unexpected event knowing that what was before, will no longer be again, opening the space for all of us to evolve.   It reminds me that no matter how far you think you have come in life, there will always be a crazy turn of events that will shake your foundation, spitting you out into the next act in your life.  How you land it is completely up to you.

My husband & I said goodbye to our oldest daughter this morning.  She decided a few weeks ago to pack up her entire life from our lower level which now is bare & empty into her car & move out of state.  It was time for a life change,  spreading her wings for flight as she drives to Florida for warmer brighter days.  I don’t believe she would have ever pulled the trigger if this pandemic wouldn’t have happened, creating in all honesty, a super charge of energy that is either going to force your drive or stall you out.  This kid decided to hit the gas instead, while so many of us are still stuck in neutral.

Since my day job as a manicurist was abruptly put on hold due to the pandemic, I decided it was time to begin identifing myself as a jewelry designer instead, specializing in the healing arts.  What I once was only capable of seeing as a hobby I now believe is my full time gig, feeling so creative & purposeful in this new place.  This pandemic shut down unintentionally broken down all the beliefs I had about my self, my job, my work & the false ideas that were limiting my growth.

What dawned on me during this lockdown is that I would have never had the courage to “stop” working as a manicurist on my own accord.  The universe however managed to conspired against me, showing me that this crippling fear of surrender had been more powerful in my head, than the actual act of me letting go.  All the stories I had made up about me not doing nails anymore, never once showed up in the last 9 weeks of this no work uncertainty, debunking all the myths i created first hand into leverage truths while I sit at home.  Where I go from here will be out of truth & no longer out of fear.

I think we as people create stories to keep ourselves small, contained & comfortable, relying on a fear of the unknown to dictate our own personal beliefs.  We naively live in this state until the eruption is more powerful that we bargained for, clearing the air so to speak  Sometimes the super natural force of life comes as a way to offset this mentality & awaken the human spirit once again for its personal evolution & the will to grow, prosper & live in the natural alignment of ones own self.

The world will continue to live, move, shift, arrange, leaving nothing to be permanent or for granted.  Where you go from here is entirely up to you & lets be clear it has never been normal from the get go.  Discover the opportunity of reinvention instead of this idea for a new kind of normal which across the board will never cease to truly exist & only remain to keep you small.    May the flight of life continue to inspire, encourage & illuminate all walks of life.  Peace Love Faith Hope <3 <3 <3






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*My Own Creed, Inspired by coffee, Love & Healing

*Go outside & be with Mother Nature. There are profound healing properties in nature that your spirit needs to survive. 

*Educate your self in a way that allows you to set your intention to something your authentically doing that bring you joy & happiness, regardless of the exterior voices that chirp to diminish your natural creativity.

*Stay grounded in your purpose by doing is things within a healthy outlet that promotes your soul to manifest the growth within that has the opportunity to create abundance & prosperity around you.

*Remain true to your own path & not the path of guilt that has been assigned to you, even if it seems discouraging at times, making it feel hard for you to travel on a rocky road alone.  It is here you will find the greatest insights of this world around you & the benefits of your participation.

*Collect & gather the helpful useful universal information around you physically, mentally, spiritually that informs you of your surroundings.  This offers & gives you clues to the awareness of what is happening in this life around you that encompasses you.

*Take chances that might make you feel a bit uneasy yet have a potential to push you to the outer limits of your habitual behavior, getting you to see past the mundane & into the extraordinary spaces where the actual experience is waiting to take place.

*There is always a choice in every area of your life no matter how ignorant you decide to feel at the time about a situation that is forcing you to choose.  It is in this decision that you will find the courage & strength to move mountains when you decide to change.

*See the expiration dates on things, people, relationship, connections, places that have become empty, wilted & or are fizzling out.  Sometimes it is critical to let things naturally end in order to allow room for the seeds that were once planted a place to bloom.  It is the natural cycle of life & many times not personal at all.

*Allow your own experiences to be the navigating compass, instead of banking on the ideas of others to lead you somewhere you are not equipped to travel.  As a follower you can sometimes get lost in the life that was never meant to be yours to live.

*Always be open to learning for your own personal growth. 

*Create or become a part of a community that is enriched with fostering the same idea & beliefs that you embody as a whole.  You then are apart of a collective collaboration of wealth, knowledge & wisdom & use of your mindful intentional time..

*Don’t take something from somewhere without giving back elsewhere, creating an equal exchange of energy that promotes the natural flow of balance in this universe of life.  This is  how the universe works.

*Compliment, encourage & promote others,  raising them up even more so when you feel less than.  Greed & jealousy often times consumes us into believe there isn’t enough to go around when in fact it is the complete opposite when you live from your highest form of consciousness.

*Don’t Be Afraid To Say NO..

*Know your boundaries & worth.  

*Kindness is beautiful, unlimited & not a sign of weakness.  Make it a common practice to others yet most importantly to yourself.

*Laugh a lot & don’t take yourself too seriously.

Peace Love Faith Hope <3 <3 <3   





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The chosen service to heal..

ive been pretty occupied recently with some on line summit courses and doing my crystal thing while trying to find my footing on a path ive choosen to take..the thing about change is, that there are so many things to pay attention too that sometimes its extremely overwhelming and stimulating all at the same time while I continue to plant lots of seeds everywhere happily, watching to see where it will take me.. 

a couple of sundays ago I was featured at my husbands office for a spring event where I openly invited people into my personal sacred space, while having them participate in an experience with me and my crystals..i am aware that I am not for everyone, but i was touched and deeply humbled at the experience myself at how well received I was by the people who blindly came to see what I was all about.. Continue reading The chosen service to heal..

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our 1st Mexican adventure..

my husband and I traveled to Mexico last week for the first time ever..i was a bit “afraid” and skeptical because of all the media and advice that you get and took it with a splash of salt..for starters having duel citizenship to Israel and having a lot of people say the same things about that country aloud me to filter what was just political uneducated nonsense bla bla and what was healthy eating, street smart conscious advice..

as a human who is intrigued by culture and ancient society, Mexico happens to be a place on my top 5 to travel due to my love for the beach, nature, ruins, and of course CRYSTALS..yes, I will admit, at first the thought of just basting on a beach for 6 days seemed divine in itself, simply for the pure fact that Michigan has had a long hard cold snowy winter and one needs at times to just thaw the fuck out.. Continue reading our 1st Mexican adventure..

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why to trust your gut…



have you ever had a gut feeling about something that you couldn’t seem to shake, nagging at your insides almost to the point of pure anxiety..i have had some slight aha moments where I was like “i knew it” but nothing like what I experienced this past week in relation to our family planned road trip..

I think a lot of times we tend to shove our guttural feelings down to the bottom of our barometer not really fully engaging in its presence or taking account that they may actually be trying to communicate with us..we end up making the wrong choices based on our ego, instead of the voice of reason that had been whispered its warning all along.. Continue reading why to trust your gut…

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sometimes, when the rest of the world is rooting for your failure, there is a sense of desire to show them, to teach them actually





198112_10150130528638145_7664092_nit was 6 years ago today in the midst of a evening winter michigan blizzard, that I had schlepped both of my kids out, and proceeded without any permission to pick up my unannounced future husband at the airport..while every other passenger had made their way out, I was left empty handed still waiting for my knight and shinning armor to coming running through the doors and into my arms..

what I didn’t realize at the time and unbeknownst to me was that Eran was actually being held and interrogated for over 2.5 hours as my girls and i waited patiently in the car at the pick up line..he had traveled in on a 10 year visa from Israel and was stopped anyways, searched and then taken to some interrogation room as the entire airport emptied out and was closing down due to the extreme horrible weather..thank god for jeeps and the deputy that finally released him to me..

neither one of us knew exactly what we were doing, or how in fact we were going to do it, but we did, BECAUSE LOVE ALWAYS WINS..who would have ever thought that we would have survived so much shit throw our way, but here we are stronger and better for it all..sometimes, when the rest of the world is rooting for your failure, there is a sense of desire to show them, to teach them actually, what the true meaning of following your heart and soul is, and what LOVE REALLY LOOKS LIKE and so we did.. Continue reading sometimes, when the rest of the world is rooting for your failure, there is a sense of desire to show them, to teach them actually

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what is preventing you from climbing up the stairs of life



lately I have been very overly preoccupied with myself and decided to take out my beloved cards and do some counter productive goodness and get back in touch with the part of me that has been missed while seeking messages for the outer world to hear..i pulled for a 3 card what is currently happening and going on in this moment, what is needed to do with the action intended and the outcome for it to become possible..

the first card represents our currant state which I pulled the ace of pentacles..if you look closely at the card, there is at the bottom left corner a small woman with her hair and dress blowing in the wind behind her as she gazes to her right maybe looking for some one to direct her or stop her for that matter..she hesitates before the staircase that is very inviting in the first of its steps yet leads you to believe as it gets darker that there is a great mystery ahead.. Continue reading what is preventing you from climbing up the stairs of life

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every time I travel back to Israel, it allows me to rediscover the deep rooted love I have for this land in my every changing and growing spirit

14364714_10154252958743145_7851953822594244499_nlife is funny some times, well most of the time if you have a grand sense of allows you to see things though a spectrum of joy instead of a negative stream of dull blinding light that only shows you the shadows of the situation instead of the whole grand vitality of your landscape..

life is ever changing and yet at the same time never really changing at all, leaving you the ability and opportunity to step back in to things that are exactly where you left them..which to me is absolutely totally crazy as if no time has gone by and the only thing that is different is YOU.. Continue reading every time I travel back to Israel, it allows me to rediscover the deep rooted love I have for this land in my every changing and growing spirit

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the last time i got to hug my daughter shezaf

I’ve realized there are going to be some hard days with being a mom to a child just want an opportunity to hug them and hold them in your arms, sometimes just because and other times because there is nothing like that of being their beloved mother..the last time I got to hug my daughter Shezaf was back in December when we traveled to Israel to see her off on her adventure of becoming an IDF soldier..i got my last hug in that day, with her in uniform, when we had to drop her off at the train station, watching her walk away and waving goodbye..

part of the commitment we make to our children when they go off to do epic shit, is to learn how to love them abundantly from afar while putting aside your own need to want to keep them close..i don’t ever take for granted the advancement of technology that allows us to keep in touch all the time while being up to speed on life in itself while the distance keeps us apart..i look forward to our iPhone chats and take whatever it is that I can get, even if its not over a Starbucks coffee and a date day together! Continue reading the last time i got to hug my daughter shezaf

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I could feel him for the first time in my physical presence

I had waited for this reunion for what felt like a life time.. imagine if you will for a moment, walking into a massive open place, with hundreds of people watching you come out of doors that lead to the place were every body upon every body is waiting and looking for someone..imagine for a moment that your blinded by faces and people and your trying so hard to play down your excitement, while your also trying to locate your dream man your just traveled half way around the world for..

as my eyes were darting around the airport and my nerves where at an all time high, i was nervously watching the crowd for Eran..I was also at the same moment trying to keep my eyes on shezaf, who was looking for her aba..Basically it was Eran looking at me, I was looking at shezaf, shezaf was looking at her aba, and her aba was looking at Eran..! I can remember Eran running over the line your not supposed to cross behind the barricades and grabbing me in his arms tightly as I was taken aback by emotions were in my throat, the atmosphere was crazy, and just the whole situation as I breathed him in for the first time in this life was so much to take in..

i could feel him for the first time in my physical presence, his eyes burning his love throughout my body as the rest of the world disappeared..for that specific second in time, I felt so utterly loved in a way I cant even articulate nor begin to describe..its as if your soul is reattached with someone you have been missing your entire existence without truly knowing , and in a split second you are returned, put back together and a healing take place on so many levels because of our lips collided and our bodies met, its as if the universe knew it had done its job in returning two souls to each other who are apart of the same soul I came back to reality, and said hello to my ex and goodbye to shezaf wishing them a great 10 days, I was whisked off to embark on a journey of discovery for this life time..IMG_4042_3_1

there are times when you must be willing to stand in your truth, no matter how hard it is to stand in that moment, even if you have to kneel down to better stabilize yourself just do it, be there for yourself, for the you that you owe it is not forgiving of time, and has no loyalty to you and the journey  that your on..while the rest of the world goes by, it is up to you and your decision alone as to how your going to create the life that you desire and want..i see so many people that have fear holding them back, afraid of what others here to tell you for that moment, yes it is scary, and you have to grow thick skin, but in the end when all the dust has settled from your evolution of truth, you will be standing in your beautiful kingdom, having your beautiful life..take back your freedom, take back your power over your destined life, take back the courage and faith to become successful and concur your authentic beautiful dream self..

P.S to be continued