I never knew how abused I was until I began to heal..

    I go to my healer every couple of weeks for overall self care, just like you would take your car to the gas station for fuel, I take my mind body and spirit to a healer..its a way for me to self care, unwind, connect, feel, talk, cry, and have someone untangle the energetic strings that sometimes get all mixed up as […]

over time i became a scapegoat survivor..

  i grew up in an adopted dysfunctional family having a narcissist as a mother.. out of the 3 of us, one of us was designated to play the role of the scapegoat otherwise referred to as the black sheep of the family..im pretty sure i willingly took turns playing that role with my younger sibling passing it back and forth whenever it was convenient and suited […]

im not a relationship expert,and in fact I really sucked at it for a long while

I was reading an article that someone had shared on facebook the other day and it got me to thinking about expired relationships, and why some people choose to hold on to them after they are completely emotionally extinguished..im not a relationship expert and in fact I really sucked at it for a long while, im just simply fascinated by our […]

i had to divorce myself several times..

have you ever broken up or fired yourself before..you know had that ‘heart to heart” conversation about how your no longer living up to the standard expectations and that its no longer working out for you because the behavior is toxic and abusive and completely unacceptable while failing miserably at managing and loving yourself unconditionally..have you ever […]

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