National Adoption Awareness Month ~ Behind Closed Doors

I was adopted into a generational abusive dysfunctional family, having a narcissist for a mother & an enabler as a father.   Each one of their 3 adopted children were groomed & designed to play out of the roles designated by the monarch.  We unknowingly & willingly took turns throughout our lives in a triangulation of the goldenContinue reading “National Adoption Awareness Month ~ Behind Closed Doors”

Beautifully Fucked Up

I have been in family esk therapy now for over 5 months.   It took admitting that we as a unit needed an intervention to help aid in our relationship as a “unconventional” family with highly toxic extremities.  I have no shame in saying that sometimes there are things, people, behavior & situations that are outside your capacity of managing, being encouragedContinue reading “Beautifully Fucked Up”

I thought therapy would be my salvation because of what I saw on T.V

    I remember the first time I went to counseling I was mid way through my 27th year, a new mother to an 8 month old daughter, separated from my first husband and trying to readjust back into American life after living out of the country in Israel for over 7 years..i was in massive culture shock, angry, displaced,Continue reading “I thought therapy would be my salvation because of what I saw on T.V”