just swan dive into the deep end..S P L A S H..

        I think I could possibly be suffering from PTSD (JK) this morning..between the firing signals of what could be described as stress due to the extreme reality of paying higher taxes and the utter pure joy and extreme excitement of pulling the trigger this morning and enrolling in the fall hibiscus professional crystal healing course, I am a tad bit over stimulated to say the least..thankContinue reading “just swan dive into the deep end..S P L A S H..”


Shit just happens sometimes

nothing sucks more than having to write a fat fucking check to the government for taxes giving you chest pains at the mere thought of it, especially when the bracket you fall is either here nor there..sometimes its easy to feel like a rat on a wheel going around in circles furiously and not having anything to show for all theContinue reading “Shit just happens sometimes”

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