2+0+2+2= 6 The Year Of The Lovers

This past year has been quite the year for me personally with my family & collectively as a whole planet, watching mankind in my opinion become more divided than ever. Ironically in the tarot deck using numerology the numbers for last year equated to the year of the Hierophant (5), who’s universal energy is equatedContinue reading “2+0+2+2= 6 The Year Of The Lovers”


I decided to hop on the beautiful band wagon of generosity that is blowing up all around the world in lieu of the 2020 CORONAVIRUS & do a FREE TAROT READING GIVEAWAY on my INSTAGRAM page (find me at MAGICALMAVEN2). 30 minute card reading valued at $55.00. * NO PURCHASE NECESSARY It’s really easy toContinue reading “THE CORONAVIRUS GENEROSITY BAND WAGON”

lets face it, ive been a life long metaphysical junkie and I kinda know my shit

I did something the other day that I had no real intention of doing when I was doing it, that actually took me by surprise myself after all was said and done..i was creating new business cards for work and gift certificates on vista prints and decided to add crystal healing and tarot reader to my repertoire just like that in print onContinue reading “lets face it, ive been a life long metaphysical junkie and I kinda know my shit”

This card is asking you to show up

        Double aces for the day is like snake eyes for a dice game even though one appears or seams to be standing in a solid reverse read..nothing is ever fixed or set in stone making the ability to understand the message clear, persise and truly informative..The thing about aces in generalContinue reading “This card is asking you to show up”

i have lately been conveniently blind from being over fearful

there is something very precious with the PAGE OF WANDS, a true sense of healthy fascination and awe in the pleasure of watching creation manifest before its eyes..this card represents the action that is taking place energetically around you offering you some creative opportunities at your beckon call..if you look at this card specifically, there is growth forming,Continue reading “i have lately been conveniently blind from being over fearful”

my fucking year of the hierophant..GREAT

lets play a game shall we..its called lets find out what your tarot card is for the year, and use its energy to enhance the well being of you physically, mentally and spiritual..i have never done this before and just saw it on a professional group page I belong too on facebook and thought it could be a great thingContinue reading “my fucking year of the hierophant..GREAT”

what is preventing you from climbing up the stairs of life

  lately I have been very overly preoccupied with myself and decided to take out my beloved cards and do some counter productive goodness and get back in touch with the part of me that has been missed while seeking messages for the outer world to hear..i pulled for a 3 card what is currently happening and going on in thisContinue reading “what is preventing you from climbing up the stairs of life”

its all about the transformation of ones self, that only you can do for yourself..

I went to my monthly tarot meet up yesterday at the Boston tea room which is a metaphysical shop located in downtown Ferndale..to me, its the equivalent of my daughter madi, who’s obsessed with make up, going to Sephora..i feel like my inner child is awakened in this kind of environment as I get to “play” and “dabble”Continue reading “its all about the transformation of ones self, that only you can do for yourself..”

be brave and sort your shit out, one sword at a time

some of greatest personal tragedies is the fact that we become incapable of finding a way out of our circumstances, making everybody else the villain within the story of our surroundings..we become crippled with fear often leading to depression symptoms that paralyzes the ability to see clearly in a dense foggy situation that appears graver than it reallyContinue reading “be brave and sort your shit out, one sword at a time”


Sometimes, I draw cards as a projection to what I wish the world could see.. I sit and think about all the things the universe is craving while I shuffle my beloved cards of picturesque beauty that deliver messages in a language that is most elegant and transforming..I think about my role in this equationContinue reading “WHAT I WISH THE WORLD COULD SEE”