I am the light..

I never realized how bright my light is until I came to terms with how disruptive and chaotic my environment had been surviving on emotional crumbs that I thought were full course meals of sustenance..i never put together that the ache in my emotional body was that of starvation, surviving on processed emotional nutrients of fuckedupness that nobody ever wanted […]

A Mexican getaway!

I’ve been purposely absent from my everyday life this past week enjoying the much needed “vacation” from this life in general..I’d like to refer to it as a well deserved check out and check into aTulum break..we all need from time to time one of those which eran and I have never had together..call it […]

underneath this peaceful radiant smile there lives one hell of a fierce creature

eran and i were watching on face book the other day, a live stream video by a guy named derek weida who we both happen to follow who spoke about “how to happiness”..he was talking about his secret to personal happiness and the 3 foot circle around him rule he lives by which lead me to think about my own circle of happiness lately.. he explains […]

I figured out back in my late teens the crisis of my heart and spirit

I reheard a quote the other day from a woman who I saw a long while ago lecture on the super soul sunday program..yes, I watch oprah, and even record specific ones that I keep for when I having a low point moment to recapture that zest of truth I need to hear from an outside of my self place.. […]

the hidden meaning and message behind 5777..

there is a energetic meaning behind the Jewish New year number of 5777, sending out messages of infinite wisdom and clarity if you are capable enough to see them in the aspects to which they are presented to us, each individually and at specific times.. the number 5, has specific vibrations that influence your life changes that will inspire […]

every time I travel back to Israel, it allows me to rediscover the deep rooted love I have for this land in my every changing and growing spirit

life is funny some times, well most of the time if you have a grand sense of humor..it allows you to see things though a spectrum of joy instead of a negative stream of dull blinding light that only shows you the shadows of the situation instead of the whole grand vitality of your landscape.. life is ever […]

mother of a soldier..

    There are times when we are invited by our children to be apart of their success and share in their beaming moments of absolute pride..it is in those moments of invitation that we are able see their hard work pay off and witness first hand the bliss of a job most well done […]

are you the cause or cure of something, and if your the cause ask yourself why

in a cruel world, be the light of inspiration shining your inner beam of radiant light powerfully outward touching the heart and soul of those around you..restoring faith in humanity is a collective conscious that takes extreme work and patience in a time when it has become rare to be authentic in the love you have […]

one day the beautiful spirit of chris showed up

do you ever believe that your not alone when in truth you perceive yourself to be? Do you believe that when life is over, and our loved ones who have left this physical world are no longer available for communication when unexplainable things go on around us.. you see, I believe in spirit, and for many years believed […]

i know from personal experience that the dead show up

sometimes life grants us the opportunity to dip our self into the underworld of the unknown, the elite place of the 3rd eye conscious energy , giving us snidbits of information here and there as a gateway to what’s up and coming or what passed and still communicating..it shares with us messages of possibilities and ideas allowing us to […]

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