Sinead O’Conner, my 20 something hero…

  I just got done watching an incredible episode of Dr phil (don’t judge) only because I saw that he was interviewing Sinead O’Conner, my 20 something hero..she was like my personal joan of arch musically for me in my late teens early 20s giving me the desire to one day be brutally truthful and outspoken..i guess it finally happened somewhere in between my midContinue reading “Sinead O’Conner, my 20 something hero…”

its ok, I went sinead o’conner and shaved my head in there!

in a world full of social impersonators, I have valued the bravery of those who can stand out legitimately without the obnoxious pressure to have to always fit in..looking back, i think maybe its why I had always admired, appreciated and taken a liking as a teenage to the punk rockers who wore their Mohawks, piercing and tattoos proudly while theContinue reading “its ok, I went sinead o’conner and shaved my head in there!”