I am the light..

I never realized how bright my light is until I came to terms with how disruptive and chaotic my environment had been surviving on emotional crumbs that I thought were full course meals of sustenance..i never put together that the ache in my emotional body was that of starvation, surviving on processed emotional nutrients of fuckedupness that nobody ever wanted […]

why i decided to throw some shoes away..

I was at the grocery store yesterday after my appointment with my healer,  getting ingredients to make a MAGICALMAVEN kinda soup for the week..i was walking around the fruit and vegetable area in a hazy daze from my healing session when i noticed some one that I recognized from the gym but haven’t seen in a long while.. there is […]

I thought therapy would be my salvation because of what I saw on T.V

    I remember the first time I went to counseling I was mid way through my 27th year, a new mother to an 8 month old daughter, separated from my first husband and trying to readjust back into American life after living out of the country in Israel for over 7 years..i was in massive culture shock, angry, displaced, […]

P.S…when destiny decided to throw you a bone

what if you knew deep down in the smallest threads of your soul, that somewhere along the way in your life, you had encountered your souls TRUE mate..would you ever believe the feeling in your gut, knowing some where out there, some place, at one moment in time, you connected with a specific person so intensely that it was etched into the […]

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