The Last Day Of My Pandemic Vacation.

What I did instead was use this moment wisely for my highest good, really dissecting that box I believed I was once designed for no longer fits me emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. I think personally the biggest virus I chose to evade during this entire time & not become infected with is the memetic virus of the human mind.  The last 3 months I have grossly watch it spread from person to person, contaminated by the outlets used to intentionally programed us with fear.  It really makes me think about how I intend on conducting myself from here on out, stepping away even more from the things that are simply processed instead of organic.

I feel spiritually different having had now all the hands upon me energetically restoring what was once lost to be now found..

    CRAZY FLIPPEN WOWZA stuff just happened after an unbelievable extraordinary life long dream reunion week I just had with my aunt jody from my biological mothers side of the family..i have been trying to wait for my magical dust to settle down inside my heart (which isnt happening) in order for me to be able to write and share the rest of my reunion story (snort snort).. …