honoring the divine warrior goddess within..

  my daughter left for school this morning wearing one of erans red shirts in solidarity of it being INTERNATIONAL WOMANS DAY, you go girl..while driving her to school this morning the radio was on and they were speaking about today and the female boycott and walk out happening around the nation so the world can see aContinue reading “honoring the divine warrior goddess within..”

I Cant Imagine What Its Like Being You In The Circle Of Us.

I have watched you over this time navigate a path that came with out directions, into a family that has continued over time to diminish & take away the role that you became.  Sometimes the universe unbeknownst to us, chooses the timing of a love to come into fruition regardless of the external forces, to teach its lessons in that kind of love.  I believe we have always been chosen in each life together, to show the world around us, this intimate most beautiful lesson, as difficult & painful as it’s been.

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY what the fuck is supposed to be happy about it

have you ever wonder how your memorial day “holiday” would be celebrated if each and every one of us had to do a mandatory military service for this country, OUR AMERICA..if each and every one of us had to give back to this country supporting and unifying as a nation serving side by side with others for a certain amountContinue reading “HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY what the fuck is supposed to be happy about it”