“look to find the path forward”

  I heard a sentence the other day the struck me hard enough that I had to write it down and think about it for a while..”LOOK TO FIND THE PATH FORWARD”..sounds pretty straight forward and easy, yet is one of the hardest journeys when you are suffering to actually do..our devastation plays games on us with theContinue reading ““look to find the path forward””


I continued to LOVE to a level greater than I ever imagined I could, making that my super human power which would make most bitter nasty bitches instead

I was one bad ass quarter bounce player

I was a serious short term party girl once, a really good one in fact! I had the ultimate desire to perfect that ability within certain limitations I had for myself out of respect, while mastering the skills of what went into that specific box and category..what can I say, you either go BIG or go homeContinue reading “I was one bad ass quarter bounce player”

within the ashes of my inner phoenix

I have an honest love affair with the gym, a place where I go to release the feelings I sometimes hold onto, outside of the incredible work out I give to myself..its a place I sweat my tears away, even if at times they are rolling out of my eyes, I still consider it eyeball sweat..its notContinue reading “within the ashes of my inner phoenix”

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