2+0+2+2= 6 The Year Of The Lovers

This past year has been quite the year for me personally with my family & collectively as a whole planet, watching mankind in my opinion become more divided than ever. Ironically in the tarot deck using numerology the numbers for last year equated to the year of the Hierophant (5), who’s universal energy is equatedContinue reading “2+0+2+2= 6 The Year Of The Lovers”

I Cant Make This Stuff Up

I have had a lot of bizarre experience occur during my life time, making things to write about come very natural & easy to me.  Truthfully I really don’t feel like I have to have any kind of scientific explanation for them, chalking it up under the umbrella that houses the belief in God &Continue reading “I Cant Make This Stuff Up”


im a podcast host with a friend of mine every Monday morning in a local coffee shop..this episode we spoke about past lives and such and we call ourselves THE UNABBREVIATED ENTHUSIASTS.. you can also find us on podbean podcast.. comments and messages are always welcome and received..thank you for listening and enjoy!!   http://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-duk9t-78e3b1

sometimes the universe has a divine way of showing up for you..

  I have had a couple of unexpected validating moments recently and even more so have noticed them profoundly after having to make a crystal grid for a home work assignment for my crystal healing course im currently enrolled in…this grid I created from scratch was specifically made to help allow for my professional growth and transformation using crystals and elementals in aContinue reading “sometimes the universe has a divine way of showing up for you..”

discover a compatibility that sets you in the right direction aligning you from soul to source

i haven’t been around here lately purposely but not because im being anti social in media land, I’ve just been preoccupied and put my blog on the back burner..I decided instead to temporarily step away from this platform in order to channel myself better and use in my favor the energy of the magnificent spider..i began to spiritual web together my present situation in order to catch in something for myContinue reading “discover a compatibility that sets you in the right direction aligning you from soul to source”