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this is high season for the con artist..buyer beware to their new year resolution..

Here we go again, the beginning season of sloppy resolutions that people begin to make for the upcoming “NEW YEAR” followed by empty promises and a lot of noise and chatter while signing up for shit that they never intend to finish..Ive been watching just the fitness ones from my thrown of the stair machine I climb daily at planet fitness with loads of newbies piling in, hungry for the change..

Then week 3 rolls around and they begin to drop like flies until one day “POOF” they are gone and the gym is restored back to its usual self..Everything new is fun, until it becomes work or a challenge asking of your undying discipline and commitment..It requires your time and energy on a daily basis to show up and do the work required for your intended outcome and not just because its the new year..

A lot of times people give up in the newborn stage expecting perfection while finding out that results don’t happen over night and if your not dedicated to the program or the intentions, it all goes to shit..It is a valid indicator about some ones character and how they really feel about themselves in general (which alone makes you prey), where they are coming from and where they desire to be..

Truth is, a lot of people don’t have the stamina or will to truly do the inner and outer work together that is needed to survive a resolution any time of the year..Its close to difficult to stick with a plan and see it through when there are so many ways to fall of the course and revert back to the old pattern ways that are comfortable and easy..Lots of people will cheer you on in a passive aggressive way making it nearly impossible to succeed without some sort of loss in itself..

That alone can set you up for destructive ideas, thoughts and behaviors because you need healthy support and nourishment when starting any thing new if you plan on it having longevity and stamina..people want to see you do good things as long as it doesn’t cost them losing you to becoming someone new in the outcome (no one wants to be the last man standing)..

I believe that is probably one of the hardest obstacles to maneuver is finding your balance between the achievement of a resolution and people on the outside of it while finding a way to make it now work for you..A person looking to give up a habit in exchange for a healthier outlet that their entire circle participates in, will need to leave the habit and the circle if they want to succeed..that’s just the logic and reality of it..

The first week you will want to look like a hero, doing something “different” so the motivation will be fuel with the ego instead of the ingredients needed for change..The second week gets hard because it requires of you to take some inventory along with a harder looks at yourself, while your watching every one else do the thing your changing..The third week you have already cheated and are ready to go back into the circle of comfort with worse feeling than when you began your sloppy resolution..

How man times have you promised yourself something and never made it to delivery? How many times did you swear to change only to become worse out of resentment and anger? How many times did you believe something spoken 12 different ways out of the voice of the person who was never going to change? How many programs have you subscribed too but failed to even look at the content being delivered because you couldn’t be bothered? How many times was to many because you simply lost count..

They key to any kind of success is the stamina, determination, focus willingness and drive associated with the process regardless of the obstacles and road blocks because you will have to keep getting back up..manage your expectations and find someone who will really help get you to where you want to be and not just there to take your money..There are so many con artist dressed as gurus of a trade out to screw the consumer for cash, so again, DO YOUR HOMEWORK..

Create and make a viable a plan before you go cold turkey, review your past year and research, research, research what it is you wish to change and if it is even feasible to do in the environment your currently residing in..sometimes its the simplest unassuming things that require the most attention and any thing of value or worth while takes time and patience..peace love faith hope <3 <3 <3





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I cohost a weekly podcast with a friend of mine dori every Monday morning..

here is our latest podcast talking about new years resolutions and our feelings with the negative and positive energies surrounding the intention and results of the making and the breaking of this controversial undertaking..

we love and encourage feed back and ideas for upcoming episode..please leave a comment below!


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are you resetting your resolution?


its that time again that we began hearing all the chatter buzzing sound of resolutions for the new year..everybody promising themselves or others to “change” some sort of behavior or alter a way that is becoming unflattering in some spectrum of their life..

truth is, nothing will ever change except the number of the year you make with the same regular proclamation if you aren’t fully committed and dedicated to the process past the month of January..its the bogus resolution challenge that you never intend on finishing.. Continue reading are you resetting your resolution?

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if your looking to quit a habit that took over 20 years to have, it might take longer than a couple of days that somehow you seem to think will magically disappear over night





ahhhhh… the new year is approaching quickly and the chirping sound of peoples “resolutions” is amongst the background chatter with all the promises of breaking habits because shit, its a BRAND NEW YEAR..this is it, this is the year I succeed until of course it gets REAL, real quick ..then one week later and a million and one excuses why, your tumbling backwards quicker than before..

its super easy to air talk someone a bullshit series of excuses as to why being committed to changing something is difficult..most people have a very warped sense of reality and are accustomed to a quick fix change that takes them from point A to point K without having to do a thing, learning absolutely nothing about the process of hard work in between and no accountability what so ever for the lack of participation and negative behavior..

most people give up in the early stages because they are quickly depleted and more importantly begin to resent the change being thrown upon them no matter who suggested the resolution in the first place..some peoples intentions are very heroic and real in the past tense bubble but when the present time appears, it becomes to much to take on and handle for someone who is weak minded and seriously struggling with no support and encouragement around them..

I met a lady at the gym a few years ago, who lost roughly around 180 pounds or more BY HER SELF without using a program over a coarse of 2 years..the first time I saw her on the machine I thought holy shit, good for her, no matter how hard it was for her and how slow and sluggish she moved, she just SHOWED UP every single solitary day..she never smiled at me, smelled like cigarette smoke but was committed to the gym and the process she had set for herself..

one day finally after weeks of smiling at her with nothing ever in return, she finally smiled back and I made a break through..i started to work out next to her on purpose because I wanted to peal those layers and see the authenticity of her soul and her genuine turned out she was a victim of circumstance and decided she needed to change her life..she arrived at getting it, and what that was going to demand of her in return, god bless her!

her husband on the other hand was trying to sabotage her and was not supportive at all being obese himself, while shaming her for wanting to do this..he would purposely cook meals or carry in food that was a total deterrent for her weight loss trying to lure her back into her old body..she continued to push ahead with her healthy route and shed more pounds then ever was a beautiful transformation that I got to witness first hand when you connect the mind body and spirit together!

she left my gym eventually to join powerhouse because it offered her more equipment, classes and a pool to maintain and continue her journey of self..the last time I ran into her she had kept the weight off and was still working out daily as part of her regimen with a new makeover to match her brand new self..i have profound respect for her and the ability to overcome daily obstacles that im sure at times where overshadowed by the haters to her personal change..

when you manage your resolutions to the ability that you are able to maintain it, you create healthy expectations that allows you to achieve the goals that you have set..if your looking to quit a habit that took over 20 years to have, it might take longer than a couple of days that somehow you seem to think will magically disappear over night..ever habit that has been created, needs time, effort, stamina and a strong mind to break and then some..

most people forget when making a new years resolution, that their currant environment may not be so supportive and encouraging and that sometimes is your biggest offensive tackle yet..those are some of your greatest obstacles because it forces you to not only change yourself, but it also demands of you to take a real look around your circle and change that as well, which could be a real Debbie downer in the meantime process..

find someone you look up too or admire, that can give you outside honest advice that is not family or friends..those people might not want to see you really change in the end when it forces a group dynamic change leaving you potentially as an outsider..don’t give up on yourself because it gets hard and becomes a true source of pain, that is where you are redefining your cellular makeup creating new divisions of profoundness in your mind body and spirit that is in the process of reshaping itself..

any thing worth something comes with a price of some sort, and anything of value has the potential to cost something in return..if you are committed to the pursuit of your resolutions for happiness, health, joy, peace and love the reward in the end will always justify the means and out way all that you gave up in the beginning of your of luck..peace love faith hope