yesterday was WORLD NARCISSIST ABUSE AWARENESS DAY..all the haters can roll their eyes until their dizzy and pass out but this abuse is very real as real can be, its just extremely under the radar and covert creating traumatic invisible wounds that don’t externally bleed.. I grew up in a home with adoptive parents that consisted of a mother who suffers from this personality disorder and a co […]

i believe this polar bear is my dream spirit totem protector..

i had a dream the other night that I was visited by a polar bear coming out of the water up onto the ice and gazing intensely into my face as if it was intentionally conveying an unspoken message for me to hear..i believe this polar bear is my dream spirit totem protector.. do you ever find yourself having […]

those beautiful thoughtful gifts that I got a week ago are still sitting in piles half unopened because I cant be bothered at the moment, and ONE OF THEM IS A NEW PURSE< CAN YOU IMAGINE..

I got some pretty fucking wonderful birthday gifts from my beloved husband and kids, friends and clients, despite the horrible rotten no good kinda day I had on my birthday last week..lets start by saying, i have never been a big fan of this day for many different reasons, experiences and my personal feelings surrounding it..its a weird […]

I survived and thrived after my relationships with first class narcissists .

have you ever met a narcissist before? I mean the true blue real deal narcissist, not the “new age” generation of ones that we are FIRST HAND raising and creating that are constantly photographing themselves with duck lips and posting on all the sights of social media for attention and reaction, who are spoiled with a chronic entitlement issue, that we applaud everything they […]

I decided to write myself your open letter of a much needed apology..

I have had to learn the REAL power of forgiveness over the course of my life, and the reasons why it is so important and valuable to always stay true to yourself..as we approach the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippor I am faced again with the treacherous act of having to go through a series of actions and emotions […]

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