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I got to see the sun again this morning ( HOORAY ), which is a good thing being that we are quarantined in Michigan.  I just witnessed my 3rd full week of no incoming income go by as an independent, self employed, contractor manicurist so that’s been fun.  The struggle is REAL for me, for you, for everyone really, yet I still choose every day to show up for my life dressed like I have somewhere to be.  I don’t want the universe to misunderstand my vibration so for me, getting dressed in street clothes, doing my hair & putting on some pretty lipstick is sending the vibes that I’m still here, present & ready to go.

Ironically during this 3 week lull, I have read a few books that have reminded me that happiness is a choice, even within the most obscure circumstance.  So yesterday I chose a dance party & did Zumba as my form of movement because I can see the effects of this quarantine taking a toll on my energetic body leaving me to feel heavy at times.  Energy attracts like energy & I want to continue to attract whatever the universe is offering regardless of what Mother Earth is currently doing. She is respectfully in charge of taking care of her planet, just like I am responsibly in charge of taking care of my own circumference. Continue reading WEEK 3 OF QUARANTINE

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All About Prince! | the unabbreviated enthusiasts’s show

Don’t You Just Love Prince? We Do! So we decided to invite our friend to join in our podcast and talk about this magical artist who’s music will forever remain relevant past the grave!
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▶ the Influence of Music | the unabbreviated enthusiasts’s show

Those songs. How they effect your day, your emotions. Great episode.
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music has sound magic entwined in its vibration

there are certain songs I listen too when im feeling a bit off, in hopes of energetically realigning my energy to a more balanced state..a huge go to for me is one of my most favorite bands led zeppelin, who magically  has the ability to take me away to a far away land with melodies that somehow purify my soul and ground me back to normal..

I truly believe that music has sound magic entwined in its vibration allowing you too tap into its vibrations bringing emotions up to the surface..personally there are some songs that actually take me to my knees like the song weathered by creed, simply by the haunting melody that is flowing through my veins, as if its washing through me in a purifying way.. Continue reading music has sound magic entwined in its vibration

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selenite, pomegranate, and roses..a beautiful way to begin this new year…shana tova <3

Wishing those far and near of any faith that wishes to share in this holiday a very abundant beautiful healthy prosperous new year.. May the road of each day bring you the courage to continue to thrive, live and be in your highest self radiating it’s energy creating a positive ripple effect for all who encompass your circle of life..anything is achievable when your mind body and spirit are aligning as one continuous flow..peace love faith hope..happy healthy new year!

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Sinead O’Conner, my 20 something hero…


I just got done watching an incredible episode of Dr phil (don’t judge) only because I saw that he was interviewing Sinead O’Conner, my 20 something hero..she was like my personal joan of arch musically for me in my late teens early 20s giving me the desire to one day be brutally truthful and outspoken..i guess it finally happened somewhere in between my mid 40s, a couple of divorces later and a third marriage that gave me the courage and support to be ME.. better late than never..

Sinead’s interview was incredibly shocking, stripping it all the way down to the rawness of vulnerability in a most unapologetic can almost see her timid inner child being exposed to some form of healing light and trying to figure out what to do with it..the abuse that is carried around within people is simply horrifying and awful making the reactions in life outrageous and hatefully misunderstood..

I don’t judge anybody’s path, because I have had my own experience of emotional and mental abuse that has been misinterpreted and truly very misunderstood..i have had people who believe me to be someone who I am no where close to being at all, only on the perception of reactions to hurtful situations that push buttons that are heavily saturated with scar tissue that I still have to continue to work on..

we are always a work in progress FWI for those of you who think differently..that is the cleaver key in realizing that it is a lifetime commitment and not ever a quick fix masking all the effects of life itself..i think people in general don’t ever want to work on their shit because it is so extremely hard and asks of you to be accountable..there are limited tools when the mindset is that of entitlement and the victim mentality that actually becomes your shadow nemesis taking you down a path of not ever wanting to heal..

I used to play Sinead O’Conner’s song TROY for hours over and over again, with each repeat trying to gain the confidence that this song demonstrated for me..i think she inadvertently saved my life a couple of times without ever realizing the profoundness of her music..the angelic voice that could bring me to absolute tears with a stance like a bad ass I felt connected and empowered by, even though I could feel the pain that was saturated in musical genius..

I think its much easier to apply a mental label on a person you cant deal with and walk away than it is to actually sit down with someone in absolute and utter pain, while cognizant in hearing them fully express the uncomfortableness nobody wants to be privy too..i was so uncomfortable during her interview yet could feel the attributes of my compassion gaining energy to send her beams of love and respect for accepting the help she appeared to be painfully seeking..

the people who are the closest too us, can be the worst offenders taking advantage of the situation while using their power against you in the most humiliating of ways..I can relate to the demeaning behavior while having a mother look you dead straight in the face and deny all accounts of abuse without every blinking an eye making you out to look like the crazy one as you begin to question the experience and authenticity of your being..

god bless sinead, for coming out and speaking up loudly for those to hear her painful truth casting a broader light inside the tormented life of a musically gifted artist..i truly hope she is able to create a space of happiness and peace for herself finding the right guidance and people there to help support and nourish her back from the place of despair..maybe one day the clouds will lift and the rainbow will appear giving her a second chance in her new name with another brilliant album as its gift for the journey traveled..

find the help, there is no shame to reach out, and to speak up…courage is giving yourself permission to a voice that allows you to become undamaged..peace love faith hope <3








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its ok, I went sinead o’conner and shaved my head in there!


in a world full of social impersonators, I have valued the bravery of those who can stand out legitimately without the obnoxious pressure to have to always fit in..looking back, i think maybe its why I had always admired, appreciated and taken a liking as a teenage to the punk rockers who wore their Mohawks, piercing and tattoos proudly while the rest of the world cringed, walking around in goth bliss beholding their own style of beauty..

I remember wanting so badly to pierce my nose at 16, which was a complete and utter embarrassment to the jewish mother who forbid me from every having such extreme outlandish behavior..snort snort..instead, I wore cherries in snow Revlon lipstick, that resembled a berry stain on my lips and cut off all my hair trying to punk my jewish ass out as much as I could in my express clothing and izod polos.. Continue reading its ok, I went sinead o’conner and shaved my head in there!

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you can dress me up but you cant take me out


ever since I was a kid, I have been an a very simple blue jean loven, tee shirt tomboy kinda girl with no aspirations of being rich, famous or even being professional for that matter..although I grew up in a stereo typical Jewish professional household, i was slightly (snort snort) expected to have the persona of the typical Jewish America princess ( JAP) yet I enjoyed being carefree and getting dirty and climbing trees I rebelled against the path before me..

I have always tooted to my own horn and didn’t really care what was “IN” at the time according to others..i liked to dress according to what made me feel good, and what I thought was trendy, even if I choose to wear crystals before it as a thing..i once upon a time had safety pins all the way up my pant leg driving my mother mad making my pepe jeans become super skin tight and so cool..i also cut all my hair off without permission and started to look new wave and super bitchen Depeche mode, ministry cool with my cherries in the snow bright pink fuchsia Revlon kids got nothing compared to me.. Continue reading you can dress me up but you cant take me out

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i can still remember clearly when the world got milli vanillied





Milli-Vanilli.jpgI watched the Grammys a couple of nights ago for the first time in years, simply because my husband was busy doing office work and my daughter was facetiming her posy in her bedroom which left me alone with the remote control on the couch..i should have picked up my book and put the stereo on instead when I think about it now, but I cant help myself from watching television train wrecks..its kinda of a problem that leads me to laughter, which I guess is in the end is great therapy..

while I believe it is wonderful that music industry pays credit to its “music” and its musicians and we applaud and buy into the rise of a star being born and contribute to their fortune treating them like gods but if find myself asking…………WHY..i can still remember  clearly when the world got milli vanillied..seriously, without the engineers that actually create the artist to be who they are, I realized a lot of them are just average if not below joe singers being supersized by a team of specialists who in actuality really deserve the Grammy more so for their incredible disguise work..

it got me to think about all the people in general we ignorantly elevate out of consumer creative misconception who truly don’t really deserve the recognition and platform that they perch from.. there are far more talented people overlooked and purposely unnoticed because of the real magic that exudes from them that is electric while not fitting the ideology that society deems important and also not buyable..

i can only imagine the fear behind the mediocre people that have been molded into super beings that are one drop away from being found out about..i mean come on, you can only fake it so much before you start to show bits and pieces of the real you underneath all the get up and disguises the CFO who owns you makes you wear purposely..i just cant wrap my head around it, even though I have somehow subscribed to it by playing and going along with it all unknowingly knowing at the same time..

why do we make, push and turn people into what they are not supposed to be, and more importantly why do people sell their souls for the dollar high many times have you met someone and then assumed a criteria and expectation for them, that had massive strings attached creating a puppet master relationship when it wasn’t even who they were from the first place..i mean, I can admit I think I have been on both sides being the puppet too afraid to cut strings, and then have been the puppeteer abusing the power of control trying to create someone into something that they aren’t and never will be..

I mean, I see a lot of parents representing their children to be something that in essence is who they will never be because it fits the ego and the status they the parents wish to be present in..its easy to manipulate and suggest to our kids ideas and strategies to serve your selfish purpose, whitewashing for all matters and scrubbing the authenticity while reprogramming them to believe something farthest from the truth..and then scratching your head wonder why they are so fucked up…hmmm

I remember the day I found out milli vanilli wasn’t who they appeared to be, and I was dumbfounded and fucking pissed that they actually pulled it off for that long..i had actually felt a slight sense of compassion about their situation I mean, can you imagine the feeling and need to lie that LARGE in order pull off one of the greatest stunts in music history in order to achieve the greatness they desired but couldn’t perfect with high powered industry liars and producers supporting the ionic bullshit role..not to mention the daily egg shells of sadness and despair they walked upon not knowing when the collapse of their secrets was going to shatter them..and it did, BIG TIME..

so I ask myself, why do we give out so much empty credit to people who are really just like you and me and what encompasses the it factor in the making of a star..why are there so many whose talents are not even evident when playing live and how is it even possible when its not even natural god given talent..its like a surgeon performing a surgery to find out they are simply just mediocre and couldn’t do it without a staff of true professions to actually perform  guide alter and get them through the procedure without falling flat and short..would you continue to pay for that service, just to support the doctors welfare of mansion, fancy cars and extreme vacations..?

im so over all the industries to be honest with you that have a wizard of fucking oz persona pretending to do shit they cant really do while we pay for sick of people not being who they are, and trying to pull the wool over every body’s eyes for another cheers and love to the authentic who are honest, open, raw, vulnerable, have integrity admirable and are decent human beings..continue to spread your love and light abundantly, we the world desperately need others like you..peace love faith hope







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as a self identifying “healer” with no real “tools” but a lot of skills in the box, I decided to get my shit together





i have had a love for crystals, rocks and minerals ever since I can remember, collecting and wearing them from the time I was a little kid..i remember my first opal at the very young age of 4 that I got as a necklace for my birthday thinking it was the most beautiful stone I had ever set my eyes on, probably creating and instilling a love for earths preciseness natural ornaments all the way back then..

there is something so magical and beautiful about these magnificent and luminescent healing properties within natures core allowing us to enjoy its purest form of raw beauty..i have always turned to my crystals as a form of medicinal therapy with my own personal ritual attributes without ever really knowing what I was doing yet following my divine innate intuition..

one year recently for all my manicuring clients, I decided to create crystal pouches using the intimate details they had shared with me over the year as a guide to offer support and love to them for my gift back during the holiday season..that by far was one of my greatest joys, that gave me such pleasure and satisfaction spreading love and encompassing a sense of would have thought that could have been an oprah AHA moment, but it clearly wasn’t at the time..

I have been sitting with my crystal loving self lately, trying to figure out my next great step upon my journey in this beautiful life I am traveling wanting to pursue and educate myself with a higher realm of a self identifying “healer” with no real “tools” but a lot of skills in the box, I decided to get my shit together and gather some certifications that support my natural abilities and offer me a platform to better myself and still continue to do what I do now..

sometimes the things we are most passionate about are the real clues that seem to be the farthest away and what we should be doing never giving it a real thought..we are strangled with the thoughts and feelings of what other people have for us, loosing sight of what makes us internally happy creating joy where bliss is lacking following along someone else’s dream..

my husband for a while now, has been encouraging me almost in a nagging kind of way to get my shit together and step into the role that is awaiting me pushing me to pursue my instinctive love for the occult where others had lead me as of last week (drum roll) I pulled the trigger and decided to put my foot in the pond and enroll as a student in my first certification course as a crystal healer..

i am truly excited to expand my knowledge and wisdom that will begin to manifest and open up to other possibilities shifting the stagnant energy into unlimited flowing intense power of creativity..there is something really beautiful when you are able to step fully into your truth unapologetically and begin to DO YOU again..I have to sincerely thank my beloved husband for the unlimited encouragement and support believing in me when I couldn’t…you eran, are one very special man to love unconditionally a woman of my kind..

this yellow brick road couldnt have come at a more appropriate time, as I am emotionally drained from all the social media negativity, wanting and needing to step away from it along with our currant state of affairs.. I really need to get back in tune with my spirit and nourish my soul in a way that will allow me to use its wisdom and in return be able to help aid in the healing of this world one single soul at a time..peace love faith hope