Who Are You After Your Children Grow Up?

What becomes of this woman or person who built their kingdom around the role they naturally embodied with their children? Who are they in the absence of their offspring that are now off to become independent sovereignties all of their own. What will happen to the person who is no longer needed for every day things that once gave them meaning and value? Where is that person now who once had the natural skill set to pull off fundraising and social activities that they volunteered for, having natural business minded abilities driven and focused within the home and school? Are you ready to TRANSFORM yourself for the next phase of your life?

The Relentless Loop Of Fear

Have you ever had one of those relationships (physically, spiritually, emotionally) with something or someone that you feel you need to hold onto for dear life with in order to maintain its connection.  You cling tightly to this relationship even though you known in the deepest parts of your brain & soul that it’s unhealthyContinue reading “The Relentless Loop Of Fear”

be the bedazzling factor to someone other than your self

sometimes when you your self are uninspired for what ever the reason may be, the best remedy to fix the blahs is by using your thoughts to inspire someone else who is currently looking to be moved , charging a electrical currant that will automatically reboot your shortage..i know for me personally, I can sit here at myContinue reading “be the bedazzling factor to someone other than your self”