The (UN)Mothers Of This Day

I was at the post office dropping off a parcel for a customer & the woman who always rings me up wished me a Happy Mothers day as we finished the transaction.  I was walking away thanking her & quickly turned back around to ask if she herself was a mom, because truthfully you neverContinue reading “The (UN)Mothers Of This Day”


so mothers day started off interesting to say the all went down with a phone call from my teenage daughter not really wishing me a happy mothers day BUT instead asking me if at around 430 (we were picking them up at 130 from her dads) she could go with her father instead to his mothers day family ya like them apples.. my immediate response of rightful disappointment to her question was retaliated with the quicknessContinue reading “THE MOTHERS DAY SHAFT..”

I don’t need a day in may to know my worth as a mother

  I decided to trash a blog I wrote the other day in “honor” of mothers day because it was just too harsh, even by my standards if you can even believe that..people at times, perceive me to be some what insensitive of others because I share my truth when in reality it is actually others who have been morally and ethicallyContinue reading “I don’t need a day in may to know my worth as a mother”