I never knew how abused I was until I began to heal..

    I go to my healer every couple of weeks for overall self care, just like you would take your car to the gas station for fuel, I take my mind body and spirit to a healer..its a way for me to self care, unwind, connect, feel, talk, cry, and have someone untangle the energetic strings that sometimes get all mixed up as […]

The art in healing..

ive cried a lot lately, for so many different reasons I would really need to write a book to convey all its glorious which has been a thought I have played with for a long time now..I just dont seem to want to hold my shit in anymore (this working with crystals is really powerful), breaking apart emotionally almost as a form of […]

Apron Strings | the unabbreviated enthusiasts’s show

Great talk about when to let go of your kids, along with sharing a break through I have had emotionally in my own personally healing journey! — Read on www.spreaker.com/user/unabbreviatedenthusiasts/apron-strings

A “bad moms” kinda mother day

I woke up to bouquet of white and pink magical roses yesterday for mothers day with reminiscent photos of when I was a single mom to my oldest daughter on the kitchen island..im going to openly admit that mothers day is a “holiday” I have long struggled with from being raised by a narcissist that actually has been […]

just like its my children’s time to discover who they are outside of me, its also I found out, my time to discover who I am outside of them..

I’ve been busy lately, studying actually to be honest and a tab bit slightly confused in a situational good manner as to the direction im supposed to be going in..not really too confused where it gives me anxiety or fear, but just enough to make me want to ponder and inspire my thoughts enough and really ask myself for the first time […]

we are solely responsible for our own happiness

some times, life sets us up some really rocky experiences that coincide with our energetic behavior giving us a full does of what actual chaos looks like, even when we are emotionally unprepared and ill equipped to deal with the repercussions of our internal behavior..our sabotaging tendencies come into full effect when we are emotionally deciding […]

I thought therapy would be my salvation because of what I saw on T.V

    I remember the first time I went to counseling I was mid way through my 27th year, a new mother to an 8 month old daughter, separated from my first husband and trying to readjust back into American life after living out of the country in Israel for over 7 years..i was in massive culture shock, angry, displaced, […]

one day the beautiful spirit of chris showed up

do you ever believe that your not alone when in truth you perceive yourself to be? Do you believe that when life is over, and our loved ones who have left this physical world are no longer available for communication when unexplainable things go on around us.. you see, I believe in spirit, and for many years believed […]

an open letter to my birthday girl entering her twenties today..oye

it was 20 years ago today I became a title member of the mother club, your mother in particular..a job I took by choice because it looked cool that I had no pre requirements for or had any experience in..in fact, this job took me without any prior knowledge leaving me to be solely responsible for you in a most uneducated […]

I’m a damn good fucking mother

  im a mother, mommie, mom, momma.. Id like to believe and say that I’m a damn good fucking mother, probably the best role I have filled thus far in my life, although being a wife for the 3rd time, I have successfully managed to go from rotten to superb by choosing more wisely this time around..so […]

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