A “bad moms” kinda mother day

I woke up to bouquet of white and pink magical roses yesterday for mothers day with reminiscent photos of when I was a single mom to my oldest daughter on the kitchen island..im going to openly admit that mothers day is a “holiday” I have long struggled with from being raised by a narcissist that actually has been […]

just like its my children’s time to discover who they are outside of me, its also I found out, my time to discover who I am outside of them..

I’ve been busy lately, studying actually to be honest and a tab bit slightly confused in a situational good manner as to the direction im supposed to be going in..not really too confused where it gives me anxiety or fear, but just enough to make me want to ponder and inspire my thoughts enough and really ask myself for the first time […]


  I was picking up my daughter from school the other day when I realized how truly bat shit crazy some of these parents still are at the school pick up drop off line, even now at the high school level..I can comprehend the mean mommies click thingie way back in elementary school times, when the mothers would be at drop off and pick up territorially […]

some people as parents, forget to do the right thing for the children

  parenting can be an utter bitch sometimes, especially when there is a separation or divorce involved..there is nothing more aggravating when you are supposed to be coming together as a team to co parent the child only to be counter parent instead leaving sloppy boundaries, a very unstable foundation with very loose provisions for your child..one parent has […]

an open letter to my birthday girl entering her twenties today..oye

it was 20 years ago today I became a title member of the mother club, your mother in particular..a job I took by choice because it looked cool that I had no pre requirements for or had any experience in..in fact, this job took me without any prior knowledge leaving me to be solely responsible for you in a most uneducated […]

being a mom at times is not all mothers day and shit

  I used to think being a mother would be the greatest easiest job on earth, ….until of course I had children of my own and became a parent..i never understood the compound belief of what it actually entailed, the round the clock service and what was expected of me as a human being..i had no training […]

I’m a damn good fucking mother

  im a mother, mommie, mom, momma.. Id like to believe and say that I’m a damn good fucking mother, probably the best role I have filled thus far in my life, although being a wife for the 3rd time, I have successfully managed to go from rotten to superb by choosing more wisely this time around..so […]

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