over time i became a scapegoat survivor..

  i grew up in an adopted dysfunctional family having a narcissist as a mother.. out of the 3 of us, one of us was designated to play the role of the scapegoat otherwise referred to as the black sheep of the family..im pretty sure i willingly took turns playing that role with my younger sibling passing it back and forth whenever it was convenient and suited […]

this Scorpio season is all about stripping you down to the nitty gritty and getting REAL

this right now, is my most favorite time of the year..its when my beloved sign of Scorpio has comes into its full majestic season and when the energetic veil between us and the spirit world begins to thin every so elegantly for a small period of time..right now, we have an opportunity available for us, if wanted, to feel and connect with our loved ones […]

seriously AINT SHE A BEAUTY and I happened to named her Sophia…

so I started my course this week in becoming a certified crystal healer through hibiscus moon academy..after dipping my big toe in the deep end last winter and getting a small itsy taste of using crystals to heal in the basic crystal healing course I took, my husband and I decided it was time to go big and never look […]

It’s like I rehabbed from people

would you continue to choose to spend your time with the people that you do, if you knew that you were limited on how much time you actually had available to spend..roll that around in your brain for a moment and really think about it in a cognizant way that allows you to see the value and truth […]

ugh wheres my broom when i need it..<3

  ive been a little thirsty lately, but not thirsty for a common practice of liquid nourishment, yet thirsty for more knowledge and understanding thats twinkled with a little bit of personal spiritual growth..lets face it, im a junkie looking to expand my horizon of awareness while consuming more and more information that allows me to cultivate a broader spectrum of […]

why its ok to be selfish for your own self care..

    sometimes you have to be selfish (you read that correctly) in a beautifully healthy way, which goes against the nature of most people and personalities regardless of how you were raised..even the word SELFISH alone probably makes some of you feel utterly uncomfortable because it has such a negative connotation surrounding it.. I used to think it was such […]

i actually shopped at lane Bryant back in the 80s to hid my shameful figure, true story..

I threw my scale out the other day, an object I have been holding onto that held no actual value for many years as a clutched fixture in the bathroom..it was liberating to say the least to toss that vile object right into the dumpster waving “BYE FELCIA” as I turned and heroically walked back feeling so much lighter […]

I feel spiritually different having had now all the hands upon me energetically restoring what was once lost to be now found..

  CRAZY FLIPPEN WOWZA stuff just happened after an unbelievable extraordinary life long dream reunion week I just had with my aunt jody from my biological mothers side of the family..i have been trying to wait for my magical dust to settle down inside my heart (which isnt happening) in order for me to be able to write and share the rest of my reunion story (snort snort).. so […]

..im about to once again meet my very flesh and blood on my mothers side this time

  imagine if you will for a moment being adopted and having the opportunity to physically meet your biological kin, the DNA component and the essential link to your undisclosed heritage..think about that for a deep hearted moment while rolling that around your heart center and feeling the emotional charge that is happening within your body because of it.. a couple […]


so mothers day started off interesting to say the least..it all went down with a phone call from my teenage daughter not really wishing me a happy mothers day BUT instead asking me if at around 430 (we were picking them up at 130 from her dads) she could go with her father instead to his mothers day family BBQ..how ya like them apples.. my immediate response of rightful disappointment to her question was retaliated with the quickness […]

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