so mothers day started off interesting to say the all went down with a phone call from my teenage daughter not really wishing me a happy mothers day BUT instead asking me if at around 430 (we were picking them up at 130 from her dads) she could go with her father instead to his mothers day family ya like them apples.. my immediate response of rightful disappointment to her question was retaliated with the quickness […]

as an adoptee i never once learned at the age of birth how to mourn and grieve properly FOR MY LOSS

  sometimes we view the challenges and disappointments in our life as negative occurrences there to destroy the human spirit, when actually in most instances they happen in order for you to capture the heart of the matter and thrive in adversity brightly preparing you for extreme growth.. I know, how do you explain the loss of loved […]

An outward gift of love

be a pillar of hope for somebody other than yourself struggling in their kingdom of self… find the compassion within too spread your kindness abundantly for these emotions are free of charge and actually increase your vitality and recharge the spirit making it a win win for everybody around… stop looking at life as a hassle […]

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