The Unexpected Goodbyes Of Pandemic 2020

A little & A lot has happened over quarantine these last few months, taking my flow of emotions from one place to another without apology or remorse since that’s the way life rolls.   Instead I decided to become more vigilant to find the beauty in this unexpected event knowing that what was before, willContinue reading “The Unexpected Goodbyes Of Pandemic 2020”

resolutions?hmm   I cohost a weekly podcast with a friend of mine dori every Monday morning.. here is our latest podcast talking about new years resolutions and our feelings with the negative and positive energies surrounding the intention and results of the making and the breaking of this controversial undertaking.. we love and encourage feed back and ideasContinue reading “resolutions?hmm”

just like you I am at times riddled with fear at the actual thought of transformation

    I seriously hate change, really I do regardless of all the paths I have conveniently accepted throughout my entire life purposely and or would think by now that I have mastered its skill along with the feeling of being semi under control but just like you I am at times riddled with fear at the actual thought of scares the living shit outContinue reading “just like you I am at times riddled with fear at the actual thought of transformation”

the hidden meaning and message behind 5777..

there is a energetic meaning behind the Jewish New year number of 5777, sending out messages of infinite wisdom and clarity if you are capable enough to see them in the aspects to which they are presented to us, each individually and at specific times.. the number 5, has specific vibrations that influence your life changes that will inspireContinue reading “the hidden meaning and message behind 5777..”