Operating At Your Most Spiritual Self

  Ive been reclusive lately, mostly because I’m at that phase in life again for the millionth time where I just cant seem to be able to stand the idea of having to people anymore.  Between the annoying fake sound of the HIGH PITCHED HI’S or the deep OM hellos, the artificial HOW ARE YOU’S dressed to impress in theContinue reading “Operating At Your Most Spiritual Self”

the American oxymoron “happy memorial day”..

I caught myself the other day at work being like every other ignorant American and wished my client a “happy” memorial day..i retracted my statement immediately with a look of apology thinking what an oxymoron that is and how truly insensitive it is to our people and country, as if we have been brainwashed to make it aboutContinue reading “the American oxymoron “happy memorial day”..”

our attached ego and the need for constant recognition reinforcement for doing something nice for someone else

  I recently had an epiphany that lead me to a profound in depth revelation and conversation with myself after listening to a Joe Rogan podcast last week..its lead me to pay better attention while being aware of those around who relish in their good doings by blasting it all over social media with epic proportions and enjoying all the remarkable validations..i in ternContinue reading “our attached ego and the need for constant recognition reinforcement for doing something nice for someone else”

i gave up the narcissistic tendency of sabotage for enlightenment

sometimes its imperative to have to deal with the recent death metaphorically of a relationship that is no longer viable in order to out struggle yourself from the vice grips that it once had you in..its hard saying goodbye to people you love for reasons unrepairable, but ignoring the reasons why, and sabotaging its existence instead, is never the answer nor the complete truth..itContinue reading “i gave up the narcissistic tendency of sabotage for enlightenment”

I Broke Up With My Outdated Self

For a while, I was my own perpetrator, mismanaging my thoughts, feeling & beliefs about myself out of the misinformation I never bothered to fact check & just assumed to be true because of the packaging this information came from.  I felt powerless to myself so I thought that aloud me to give into these beliefs while being my own worst enemy, giving the outside world permission to mirror the way I had once internally treated myself.

An outward gift of love

be a pillar of hope for somebody other than yourself struggling in their kingdom of self… find the compassion within too spread your kindness abundantly for these emotions are free of charge and actually increase your vitality and recharge the spirit making it a win win for everybody around… stop looking at life as a hassleContinue reading “An outward gift of love”

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