our hanukia became my crystal focus for today

  crystals lately have become some sort of organic muse for me in guiding my spirit with collaborating thoughts and illuminating purpose..most of you probably could care less and are so tired of my blogs about these earths magnificent gems, however there is real vibrational energy medicine attached to these crystals and the mineral kingdom.. just think about quartz in general and allContinue reading “our hanukia became my crystal focus for today”

this personal work that is required on yom kippor is probably the most difficult of rituals..

its that time again in the Jewish religion,  which requires of us to purge our most inner and outer sins asking for forgiveness while we repent and seek anointment in order to seal our fate for the upcoming year in the book of life..i believe it sincerely requires of one to truly reflect in a most raw and honest way, the opportunity to cleanse ones soul,Continue reading “this personal work that is required on yom kippor is probably the most difficult of rituals..”

you can dress me up but you cant take me out

ever since I was a kid, I have been an a very simple blue jean loven, tee shirt tomboy kinda girl with no aspirations of being rich, famous or even being professional for that matter..although I grew up in a stereo typical Jewish professional household, i was slightly (snort snort) expected to have the persona of the typical Jewish America princess ( JAP) yet I enjoyed being carefree and getting dirty and climbing trees instead..soContinue reading “you can dress me up but you cant take me out”

love will always win….

we paid 10 dollars to get married at the court house, can you fucking believe that..no fairytale wedding to go along with our fairytale story..by choice.. no sit down meal, no open bar, no dancing, no cocktail hour, no rabbi, no wedding dress, no tuxedo, no groomsmen, no bridesmaid, no chupa, nope nada nothing..it was the mostContinue reading “love will always win….”