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our hanukia became my crystal focus for today


crystals lately have become some sort of organic muse for me in guiding my spirit with collaborating thoughts and illuminating purpose..most of you probably could care less and are so tired of my blogs about these earths magnificent gems, however there is real vibrational energy medicine attached to these crystals and the mineral kingdom..

just think about quartz in general and all the scientific, technological benefits that have evolved alone just from the benefits of silicon dioxide and then tell me there is no real vibration, power or energy in that..i know, it just sounds so woo woo that it is hard for people to really see the healing medicinal value of the mineral kingdom thinking that they are only just rocks stones and crystals yet that is where you are wrong.. Continue reading our hanukia became my crystal focus for today

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this personal work that is required on yom kippor is probably the most difficult of rituals..


its that time again in the Jewish religion,  which requires of us to purge our most inner and outer sins asking for forgiveness while we repent and seek anointment in order to seal our fate for the upcoming year in the book of life..i believe it sincerely requires of one to truly reflect in a most raw and honest way, the opportunity to cleanse ones soul, purifying and releasing the dis ease that is created from not living true to its genuine state of being..

this personal work that is required on Yom Kippur between you and your creator is probably the most difficult of rituals, asking of us, to ask of ourselves if we are up to the task to admitting our flaws ( our most intimate flaws) and negative behavior seeking responsibility without deflecting, taking full on asks of us to rise to the highest form of our attachment and let go releasing ones self from its burden in order to allow forgiveness to prevail making it a solo job for you to do.. Continue reading this personal work that is required on yom kippor is probably the most difficult of rituals..

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you can dress me up but you cant take me out


ever since I was a kid, I have been an a very simple blue jean loven, tee shirt tomboy kinda girl with no aspirations of being rich, famous or even being professional for that matter..although I grew up in a stereo typical Jewish professional household, i was slightly (snort snort) expected to have the persona of the typical Jewish America princess ( JAP) yet I enjoyed being carefree and getting dirty and climbing trees I rebelled against the path before me..

I have always tooted to my own horn and didn’t really care what was “IN” at the time according to others..i liked to dress according to what made me feel good, and what I thought was trendy, even if I choose to wear crystals before it as a thing..i once upon a time had safety pins all the way up my pant leg driving my mother mad making my pepe jeans become super skin tight and so cool..i also cut all my hair off without permission and started to look new wave and super bitchen Depeche mode, ministry cool with my cherries in the snow bright pink fuchsia Revlon kids got nothing compared to me.. Continue reading you can dress me up but you cant take me out

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love will always win….

we paid 10 dollars to get married at the court house, can you fucking believe fairytale wedding to go along with our fairytale choice.. no sit down meal, no open bar, no dancing, no cocktail hour, no rabbi, no wedding dress, no tuxedo, no groomsmen, no bridesmaid, no chupa, nope nada was the most valuable well spent 10 bucks I think either one of us has ever spent in our entire lives, seriously..10 dollars and 5 years later, I think we made out pretty well with that decision many years ago if I can say so myself, not to mention that the bank account never suffered from this expense as well..

when my husband Eran came to the states, we needed to find out how he could go about legally working here and what we needed to do in order for that to happen..I called Jewish federation in our community to get some much needed help with some of the questions we had pertaining to him staying here..they suggested for us to get married after I explained our situation and story, and then to call them about a month later to start to process of his green card application for immigration.. Continue reading love will always win….