This card is asking you to show up

        Double aces for the day is like snake eyes for a dice game even though one appears or seams to be standing in a solid reverse read..nothing is ever fixed or set in stone making the ability to understand the message clear, persise and truly informative..The thing about aces in general […]

I continued to LOVE to a level greater than I ever imagined I could, making that my super human power which would make most bitter nasty bitches instead

  some people might look at me as having been really unlucky in the avenue of love, until now, with tremendous amounts of failed relationships behind me, maybe more so than the average person could possibly handle without allowing it to destroy the sacred elements of the heart and spirit..we each come into this life with specific purposes of lesson I […]

if your looking to quit a habit that took over 20 years to have, it might take longer than a couple of days that somehow you seem to think will magically disappear over night

      ahhhhh… the new year is approaching quickly and the chirping sound of peoples “resolutions” is amongst the background chatter with all the promises of breaking habits because shit, its a BRAND NEW YEAR..this is it, this is the year I succeed until of course it gets REAL, real quick ..then one week later and a million and one excuses why, your tumbling backwards quicker than before.. its super […]

underneath this peaceful radiant smile there lives one hell of a fierce creature

eran and i were watching on face book the other day, a live stream video by a guy named derek weida who we both happen to follow who spoke about “how to happiness”..he was talking about his secret to personal happiness and the 3 foot circle around him rule he lives by which lead me to think about my own circle of happiness lately.. he explains […]

I happened to have a birthday the other day, being the face of the ripe age of 47 PROUDLY

some times you are unable to make sense of things that happen in your life and why, spending so much time and energy in a negative contemplation..eventually like always, when the dust begins to settle, you will have the opportunity to see the situation in a much clearer different light offering you clarity and resolution if your able to […]

I figured out back in my late teens the crisis of my heart and spirit

I reheard a quote the other day from a woman who I saw a long while ago lecture on the super soul sunday program..yes, I watch oprah, and even record specific ones that I keep for when I having a low point moment to recapture that zest of truth I need to hear from an outside of my self place.. […]

I survived and thrived after my relationships with first class narcissists .

have you ever met a narcissist before? I mean the true blue real deal narcissist, not the “new age” generation of ones that we are FIRST HAND raising and creating that are constantly photographing themselves with duck lips and posting on all the sights of social media for attention and reaction, who are spoiled with a chronic entitlement issue, that we applaud everything they […]

the hidden meaning and message behind 5777..

there is a energetic meaning behind the Jewish New year number of 5777, sending out messages of infinite wisdom and clarity if you are capable enough to see them in the aspects to which they are presented to us, each individually and at specific times.. the number 5, has specific vibrations that influence your life changes that will inspire […]

some of our most profound and greatest achievement are with in the purest most liberating FUCK IT moments that end up rocking your world..

life gives us monumental moments that only require us to show up if we can get past our own borders of insecurities and neurosis that would otherwise hold us asks of us on levels of conscious living to surrender to all that we seem to make believe mentally in  our unrealistic reality and for a […]

sometimes there is a huge confusion over the art and act of healing

how often do you poke your wounds in order to create  reason to feel something that would otherwise be in the process of healing because of the addiction to the attention it creates for often do you give others permission without realizing the power behind it, the ability to rewound the emotions you have suffered from, because you […]

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