Apron Strings | the unabbreviated enthusiasts’s show

Great talk about when to let go of your kids, along with sharing a break through I have had emotionally in my own personally healing journey! — Read on http://www.spreaker.com/user/unabbreviatedenthusiasts/apron-strings

The chosen service to heal..

ive been pretty occupied recently with some on line summit courses and doing my crystal thing while trying to find my footing on a path ive choosen to take..the thing about change is, that there are so many things to pay attention too that sometimes its extremely overwhelming and stimulating all at the same time while I continue to plant lots of … Continue reading The chosen service to heal..

All About Prince! | the unabbreviated enthusiasts’s show

Don’t You Just Love Prince? We Do! So we decided to invite our friend to join in our podcast and talk about this magical artist who's music will forever remain relevant past the grave! — Read on http://www.spreaker.com/user/unabbreviatedenthusiasts/all-about-prince

i got my magic going on..

I officially became a level 3 reiki healer last sunday earning my certification in this specific healing modality..woo hoo ( I can hear the applauds going off in my head)!! to be honest, I had no clue I was going to take this journey until I somehow found myself doing it at the push of my husband through … Continue reading i got my magic going on..

when you trade your fear up to FEARLESS..

have you ever had one of those relationships ( physically, spiritually, emotionally) with something, someone or yourself that you hold onto for dear life, even though you known in the deepest parts of your brain and soul that the only reason why you remain clutching on to it, is out of the stubborn fear of letting it go regardless of all … Continue reading when you trade your fear up to FEARLESS..

8 healthy tips to survive post divorce combative parent syndrome..

I wonder how many people would openly and honestly admit behind the secrecy of sound proof doors the day to day struggles of their post divorce parenting experiences..i wonder how many post divorcees would be honest enough to raise their hand in a safe group setting when asked by a show of hands, how many people suffer from this real combative behavioral circumstance.. I stumbled upon an article the … Continue reading 8 healthy tips to survive post divorce combative parent syndrome..

a guided meditation that takes you on a journey to let some shit go <3 enjoy

take in a breath, deep through the depths of your chest digging down into the center of your body pulling the air from the outside in..fill out the cage that holds your life and lungs expanding its life force throughout and imagine in your mind the energetic connections your are making by each inhalation that you take in.. create an image of tree … Continue reading a guided meditation that takes you on a journey to let some shit go <3 enjoy


well, I DID IT..i completed and passed my course that I began back in September and am now a certified crystal healer through hibiscus moon crystal academy..what does that mean for me and you exactly (pause) it means I get to take my knowledge and wisdom along with this certification and love for these earths jewels and begin a new venture of alternative healing..  … Continue reading ITS OFFICIAL, I AM A CERTIFIED CRYSTAL HEALER <3

winter is a bitch!

the past 2 weeks have been cold as fuck outside, breaking state records while dipping down into the frigged negative single digit numbers of not being able to feel your face upon leaving the house kind of cold..school was even closed this past Friday due to the artic air we are receiving and the wind chill factor that has … Continue reading winter is a bitch!

are you resetting your resolution?

its that time again that we began hearing all the chatter buzzing sound of resolutions for the new year..everybody promising themselves or others to "change" some sort of behavior or alter a way that is becoming unflattering in some spectrum of their life.. truth is, nothing will ever change except the number of the year you make with the same regular proclamation if you aren't fully committed and … Continue reading are you resetting your resolution?