i heard the voice of Deepok chopra in my headphones

I was at the gym yesterday afternoon just about to get my shit on and begin my climb on the stair machine when I noticed I had my Pandora station set on my meditation station from the day before..just as I was about to switch it over to my inspirational get my ass charging sevendust station, I heard theContinue reading “i heard the voice of Deepok chopra in my headphones”

yes, this is a skinny girl rant

I received a back handed comment the other day from a complete stranger and it went something like this ” wow, your so skinny, you must not ever eat”..SERIOUSLY..yup that’s right, you got me, I don’t eat..EVER..im getting by from licking the fucking air I breath and that’s about it..as I sat there for a moment before I gave way to the Scorpio buried beneathContinue reading “yes, this is a skinny girl rant”

within the ashes of my inner phoenix

I have an honest love affair with the gym, a place where I go to release the feelings I sometimes hold onto, outside of the incredible work out I give to myself..its a place I sweat my tears away, even if at times they are rolling out of my eyes, I still consider it eyeball sweat..its notContinue reading “within the ashes of my inner phoenix”