The Power Of Forgiveness & Its Act Of Mercy

The power to forgive myself was something I learned when I began to recognize & become hyper aware of the energy surrounding a victim mentality within the sins of my own self hatred.  I had once willingly allowed room for these kind of destructive feelings, thoughts, beliefs, ideas & stigma to plagued me throughout my life, …

I am the light..

I couldn’t understand the gravity back then of what it meant to reclaim my spirit & how my light was actually a source of energy for those just looking to suck it dry.  There is a psychology name for those kind of people now, they call them emotional vampires (energetic mosquitos) that feed off your energy supply.  

“Look To Find The Path Forward”

I think sometimes we are afraid to heal & move forward out of fear of what others might make of it.  Sometimes it’s seen as shameful to move forward in life after loss.  I remember my former mother telling me after my first divorces that maybe I just wasn’t marriage material & cut out to be someones wife.  Imagine if I would have fallen into her own fucked up distorted tank of love & given up before I met my now husband.

there is no greater gift nor present than the one I actually get to create from scratch with my beloved husband

well its officially over and that’s a wrap, “POOF” an era ended just like that..who would have ever thought that we would have been able to one day grow out of the apartment that housed us all for the last 7 full years..especially when there were so many naysayers trying to create negatives within all our positives showing the world before …

The Invisible Grief & Loss Of Adoption

I never once was taught from the early age of my adoption how to mourn & grieve my first initial loss that ended up effecting my entire life. I think because we are babies, the world around us was incapable of understanding the dynamics of this replacement mother/baby switch, believing we as children didn’t have anything to grieve.  Adoptees are looked upon as a blessing in someones else’s life, while our own personal trauma from it goes unnoticed, ignored or dismissed, acting as if this loss never happened to us.

P.S…when destiny decided to throw you a bone

what if you knew deep down in the smallest threads of your soul, that somewhere along the way in your life, you had encountered your souls TRUE mate..would you ever believe the feeling in your gut, knowing some where out there, some place, at one moment in time, you connected with a specific person so intensely that it was etched into the …