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Love from the soul..

I met my husband Eran life times ago, seriously, I have had many lives with this man no question in my all began back in the early 90’s when I was living in Israel on a kibbutz in my early 20’s and I had started a new job in the banana fields when I became quite aware of an unexplained connection to someone I had absolutely nothing in common with..i was an American transplant who made Aliya (became Israeli) and was living in the kibbutz where I had made it my home and where he has spent his entire life..Eran by the way was just the mere age of 13 when we met that day and I was 21 with a 8.5 year age gap in-between.. Continue reading Love from the soul..

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the true depth of our lens

sometimes life challenges you to have to see things for exactly as they are, the true depth of our lens, as disappointing as it is at times to the heart and mind..the shinny bright objects bedazzling your attention in the distance will have a completely different view from the perception of where you stand when you are up close and personal..people, for example, can appear to be your ideal people, and then when you get a closer look, sniff and feel, it is nothing as you believed or imagined it to be..when things are or appear far away you become able to create a fantasy that was all developed out of an empty thought that you conveniently fueled..

we do this you know..make believe a scenario that doesn’t exist until we have to face the pied piper of holy shits from both ends of the extreme..i have been a victim and a participant in this many times over partially because I was at times honorably gullible, naïve, and sometimes just plan stupid..i guess I came at things in the way that I see the world, which unfortunately isn’t the case always..i used to believe that people held the same capacity of interest as I would and the same integrity and honesty, yet unfortunately based on failure this concept isn’t very true and the shiny objects in the distance were dull and lifeless in its reality.. Continue reading the true depth of our lens