I Never Knew How Abused I Was Until I Began To Heal.

I never truly knew how abused I was until I began to heal.  This sacred personal work is prudent & detrimental to me, my husband, my daughter & the future legacy that follows.  I decided that my children deserved a healthier loving legacy than the one I got adopted into, filled with secrets, lies, distorted beliefs & with its own legacy of unhealed trauma that brewed resentment & anger camouflage to come across as love.


I pronounce today, step dad day!

I don’t think you ever really realize what you signed up for up for, until you are knee deep in enemy territory with an entire former family (I had to eventually cut family ties) rooting for your failure..still to this day mind you..

protect your self during the holiday.

  I am apart of a weekly podcast with my cohost and friend dori..todays episode is about the different rituals and acts that you can do to better protect yourself and energy during the holiday season that at times can be chaotic and stressful.. we would love to hear your input and ideas and thank youContinue reading “protect your self during the holiday.”

ive never been a real fan of the thanksgiving holiday

its that time of year again, when thanksgiving rolls around and we are required to show up and be thankful for the standard expected things that might not be so gratifying to us underneath our holiday best puts an expectation on our society and there are people and many family’s that are broken and tornContinue reading “ive never been a real fan of the thanksgiving holiday”

I am a truth teller and more power to my daughter who gets to read my remarkable shit <3

lately, I have spent a lot of time blogging some of my most personal endeavors as a way to release and heal the once lethal toxic secretive poison consumed within my heart, allowing the surrounding sickness of this truth a healthy outlet..maybe some people would disagree with my platform since it sheds some deep personal light on some heavy issues and problems that most people cant discuss which I can appreciate andContinue reading “I am a truth teller and more power to my daughter who gets to read my remarkable shit <3”

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