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Magical Mala’s & Prayer Necklaces coming soon.

fullsizeoutput_d0fI have been really trying hard to use my isolation brain power that is often creative, constructing ways to spread some healing vibes in these unprecedented times.  It’s been hard, firing up these neurons that are now somewhat lagging from too much screen time (Im addicted to TIK TOK), while sitting within the 4 corners of our home in a timeless manner, because it’s still too FUCKING COLD (32 degrees & snowing) to be outside in MICHIGAN. 

I decided play around & try my hand at a Crystal Healing Mala necklaces since I got the time on my hand, trying to find where it will lead me once we are aloud back out of the confine of this quarantine.  I think that there is something really beautiful with these prayer beads & the intention that is set with them.  I think in these unprecedented times, healing is an essential ingredient in the story of our own hero’s journey, taking these darker moment in time & using it to discover who you are beyond the confine & conditions of your life.

I continue to shed, rise & live each day out to the best I can with grace in this life algorithm of what the universe is serving at the moment, reminding myself that this is just a temporary moment before the wheel of fortune card shifts in this energy once again.  This is the time to really go within & find the bliss that has been lost to everyday programming & use it to its advantage of finding the call of your own true spirit.  Peace Love Faith Hope

Coming soon to my online shop. click here







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storm survivor…


I found this the other day…I don’t even really need to write a blog to describe the meaning intended from this profound picture..

life will always give us opportunities to see who is standing under our umbrella when life hits hard, because it will that’s just par for the course..

it is here where you will find your people, your tribe, your ride n die crew..

so I ask of you to ask yourself..are you the kind of person who will show up with an umbrella or the type of person who will put on rain boots and play in the storm?

peace love faith hope..<3 <3 <3


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I am the light..

I never realized how bright my light is until I came to terms with how disruptive & chaotic my environment had been, surviving on emotional crumbs that I thought were full course meals of sustenance. I never put together that the ache in my emotional body was that of starvation, surviving on processed emotional nutrients of fuckedupness that nobody ever wanted to talk about.   This requires one to admit the deepest darkest truth about yourself that is spent in hiding.

Knowing & feeling utterly abandoned from the get go, I “ate” whatever love looked like out of hunger.  Even when it was abusive I didn’t know any better, just trying to feel full & nourished on very limited longevity.  I can remember always searching for something more because that is essentially what you do when the happy meal wears off, accepting whatever comes your way like a street dog taking scraps from any stranger that wants to feed it. Continue reading I am the light..

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seriously AINT SHE A BEAUTY and I happened to named her Sophia…

so I started my course this week in becoming a certified crystal healer through hibiscus moon academy..after dipping my big toe in the deep end last winter and getting a small itsy taste of using crystals to heal in the basic crystal healing course I took, my husband and I decided it was time to go big and never look back..

I know, some of you are rolling your eyes, maybe even foaming at the mouth about the absurdity of crystals and their ability to “heal” with a glazed look..however if your advanced enough scientifically (snort snort), you can understand the make up of our earth and its most beautiful treasures that have properties and values beyond their precious physical appearance..why wouldn’t we use earths ultimate source of our universe when it is readily available for use to channel as a healing modality that predates modern medicine.. 

we actually use crystals in many aspects of our lives without really ever giving it much thought about its source and its actual power (tech, solar power, lasers, communication) it!!crystals have been around for millions of years being used by beings for their healing properties and advanced attributes that connect us in ways modern scientist cant explain..they are even mentioned in the bible as being used as protections and grid use for not making this shit up..

so I decided to take my passion since childhood and the love of these magnificent minerals and better myself though this process of education and learn the tools of the trade..sometimes what we know innately is within the eye reach of our subconscious awaiting the arrive for the souls permission to journey forward, and thus I begin..

my homework for this week was interesting and challenging all at the same time honestly enough..the assignment given was one where we had to pick and use a crystal that we knew little about..seriously AINT SHE A BEAUTY and I happened to named her sophia..we are instructed to meditate for 5 to 30 minutes per day with our chosen crystal while allowing ourselves to feel its presence and energy in all our senses of our capacity and then journal about it..

the kicker for me in this exercise was the surrendering side note of not being able to wear pocket or have any other crystals on our around me while doing it for the next 3 days..for those of who don’t know me personally which would be many, I have at least 8 in my pockets daily, a couple around my neck, beaded bracelets up and down my wrist all out of ritual, protection, and love..i feel vulnerable without by beloved crystals..

sometimes what is required of us is to essentially strip down what we know and feel to allow other emotions and connections the ability and luxury to travel within without outside influences prohibiting the me letting go of the attachment I feel to my stones in order to give space to another is in itself a magical happening and opportunity for growth and understanding that I would have never contemplated making perfect sense..

imagine for a moment trying to make a new friend with all your old friends around..its nearly impossible if you are a female because we are over stimulated with personal emotions which create an external reaction to the effect and end up sabotaging or friend blocking the new girl..for me its the same scenario with my crystal companions that have been by my side literally forever and have their own energetic agenda and properties that im so meshed with that only will block the new stones presence..

do something vulnerable for the next 3 days that is slightly outside your comfort zone, without the safety nets of the things that make it easier for you out of ritual..strip down metaphorically and challenge yourself enough to see a shift in understanding to what is around you and how you feel because of it..use your insightful ignorance to actually learn something that you have no idea about and see how it can manifest into others things..

we all have creative outlets and tools there available waiting for us to show up egoless with the desire to evolve..its when we shove so many things into our “pockets”, and im literally one of those peoples, that we prohibit the ability to receive anything new to arrive..create space where you are most crammed and simply see where it takes you..peace love faith hope <3  










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I was once a bonehead

529700_10150766997954271_1514965819_n Continue reading I was once a bonehead