Why People Hire A Life/Transition/Spiritual Coach?

This is a Cleint-Centered coaching partnership that guides them towards the results they are committed to achieve for personal/ professional or spiritual growth. It is composed of a series of sessions or a time sensitive program that allows the client to regain or ignite a source of passion, momentum or energy that has been missing. It works by setting the client up for success, while giving themself the permission to reclaim or take charge & action over their life for a better, healthier, happier one. Here are some life examples of why people hire a coach.

The Power Of Forgiveness & Its Act Of Mercy

The power to forgive myself was something I learned when I began to recognize & become hyper aware of the energy surrounding a victim mentality within the sins of my own self hatred.  I had once willingly allowed room for these kind of destructive feelings, thoughts, beliefs, ideas & stigma to plagued me throughout my life,Continue reading “The Power Of Forgiveness & Its Act Of Mercy”

what is said at the table, stays at the table

I have been a working manicurist for over 18 years now, among one of the longest continuous committed relationship I have had thus far in my life..i got into this business after I came back home from Israel after living there for 7.5 years returning with barley any usable skills..i had recently become a single mom to my one year old littleContinue reading “what is said at the table, stays at the table”