im a podcast host with a friend of mine every Monday morning in a local coffee shop..this episode we spoke about past lives and such and we call ourselves THE UNABBREVIATED ENTHUSIASTS.. you can also find us on podbean podcast.. comments and messages are always welcome and received..thank you for listening and enjoy!! reading “THE UNABBREVIATED ENTHUSIASTS..”


i used to be a sucker (can you believe that)

 we are living in a very misleading misguided cultural climbing society , where fakeness and posers are mainstream behavior disillusioning the mental capacity for honesty and sincere genuine authenticity.. some people have chosen to surround themselves with PEOPLE, THINGS and make believe ideas that allow them to feel they appear better and bigger than they actually are, out of the lack of self esteem that fuels their vanity creatingContinue reading “i used to be a sucker (can you believe that)”

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