are you resetting your resolution?

its that time again that we began hearing all the chatter buzzing sound of resolutions for the new year..everybody promising themselves or others to “change” some sort of behavior or alter a way that is becoming unflattering in some spectrum of their life.. truth is, nothing will ever change except the number of the year you make with the same regular proclamation if you aren’t fully committed andContinue reading “are you resetting your resolution?”

yes, this is a skinny girl rant

I received a back handed comment the other day from a complete stranger and it went something like this ” wow, your so skinny, you must not ever eat”..SERIOUSLY..yup that’s right, you got me, I don’t getting by from licking the fucking air I breath and that’s about I sat there for a moment before I gave way to the Scorpio buried beneathContinue reading “yes, this is a skinny girl rant”