I pronounce today, step dad day!

I don’t think you ever really realize what you signed up for up for, until you are knee deep in enemy territory with an entire former family (I had to eventually cut family ties) rooting for your failure..still to this day mind you..

8 healthy tips to survive post divorce combative parent syndrome..

I wonder how many people would openly and honestly admit behind the secrecy of sound proof doors the day to day struggles of their post divorce parenting experiences..i wonder how many post divorcees would be honest enough to raise their hand in a safe group setting when asked by a show of hands, how many people suffer from this real combative behavioral circumstance.. I stumbled upon an article the […]

i had to divorce myself several times..

have you ever broken up or fired yourself before..you know had that ‘heart to heart” conversation about how your no longer living up to the standard expectations and that its no longer working out for you because the behavior is toxic and abusive and completely unacceptable while failing miserably at managing and loving yourself unconditionally..have you ever […]

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