Sometimes Fuck It Is The Magic Word

Life hands us monumental moments that only require of us to show up if we can get past our own borders of self destruction, insecurities & hindrances that would otherwise hold us back. It simply asks of us on all levels of conscious living to surrender to its opening in a fuck it kind of way to just be present in seeing its unexpected gift as a form of golden opportunity.

but fuck them, 6 years later and LOVE STILL WON!

    its our 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY today WOOOOO HOOOO and it has been quite the joy ride to get here while we are still standing strong..i think we have finally put to rest all the naysayers who didn’t believe or approve of our decision, and lost those who weren’t willing to get on board or really make it past the first destination to be frank with our crazy magical onceContinue reading “but fuck them, 6 years later and LOVE STILL WON!”

this time of year for me personally is magical, tragically beautiful on so many divine levels

this year is slowly winding down to the end as we begin to approach September with three months left till we wave goodbye to the weather begins to change and nature is already in the harvest of its fall, you can see, feel and smell the happenings of this autumn time..while the shedding begins to take placeContinue reading “this time of year for me personally is magical, tragically beautiful on so many divine levels”

just short of a miracle

while the physical world physically separated Eran and I again after the 10 days we had spent together, the spiritual world united us in a way that in the simplest definition was just short of a miracle..there where defiantly some day that i just didn’t  want to get out of bed, but life forces you to be accountable for the other people that you bring intoContinue reading “just short of a miracle”