I’ve always been a story teller, creating a flow of verbal energy in a positive way for the vibrational effect with others..As a child, i think I teetered between a Marcie made fantasy place I sought as refuge from the real world and the realistic ideology of a struggling kid that just wanted to connect and find somewhere to plug into (effectsContinue reading “IM ON A ROLL WITH BEADS….”

Podcast fun with crystals and friendship!

yesterday I had the pleasured gift of being asked to be apart of my friends podcast GROW YOUR GURU, who is a psychotherapist for 27 years, an Imago therapist (relationship and communication expert), and a Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Life Coach.. We explored together my journey through being a crystal lover to entering the realm of becomingContinue reading “Podcast fun with crystals and friendship!”

the ENERGY to heal..

What do you think prevents people from healing their inner being and doing the work to allow for a healthier, happier transformation of self? At what point do you think you yourself should be the blame for where you are at, for what you are currently doing and how it is effecting your over all care to the mind, body and spiritContinue reading “the ENERGY to heal..”

The chosen service to heal..

ive been pretty occupied recently with some on line summit courses and doing my crystal thing while trying to find my footing on a path ive choosen to take..the thing about change is, that there are so many things to pay attention too that sometimes its extremely overwhelming and stimulating all at the same time while I continue to plant lots ofContinue reading “The chosen service to heal..”


well, I DID IT..i completed and passed my course that I began back in September and am now a certified crystal healer through hibiscus moon crystal academy..what does that mean for me and you exactly (pause) it means I get to take my knowledge and wisdom along with this certification and love for these earths jewels and begin a new venture of alternative healing.. Continue reading “ITS OFFICIAL, I AM A CERTIFIED CRYSTAL HEALER <3”

why to trust your gut…

    have you ever had a gut feeling about something that you couldn’t seem to shake, nagging at your insides almost to the point of pure anxiety..i have had some slight aha moments where I was like “i knew it” but nothing like what I experienced this past week in relation to our family plannedContinue reading “why to trust your gut…”

our hanukia became my crystal focus for today

  crystals lately have become some sort of organic muse for me in guiding my spirit with collaborating thoughts and illuminating purpose..most of you probably could care less and are so tired of my blogs about these earths magnificent gems, however there is real vibrational energy medicine attached to these crystals and the mineral kingdom.. just think about quartz in general and allContinue reading “our hanukia became my crystal focus for today”

there is no shame in not knowing your game until your mid way though your first season..

I scheduled my first volunteer crystal healing session for this up coming week and I have been powering my brain with all sorts of useless chatter in the meantime..i swear, its either going to psych me out royally or push me to the brink of my greatest fear and offer me my wings for making it to the edge ofContinue reading “there is no shame in not knowing your game until your mid way though your first season..”

protect your self during the holiday.

  I am apart of a weekly podcast with my cohost and friend dori..todays episode is about the different rituals and acts that you can do to better protect yourself and energy during the holiday season that at times can be chaotic and stressful.. we would love to hear your input and ideas and thank youContinue reading “protect your self during the holiday.”

the next time you feel like you want to punch someone in the face, try grabbing a crystal instead

  in a world that at times seems to be filled with so much grossness, it is imperative for your souls ultimate purpose to continue to find a way to allow your light to shine..there will be situations continually that will challenge and test this notion, threating and provoking to bring the worst out of you.. im finding that the more I surround myself withContinue reading “the next time you feel like you want to punch someone in the face, try grabbing a crystal instead”

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