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New age is just the revival of ancient medicine..


I was in Tucson with my husband the first weekend of February for a 3 day intense course on shamanism and stones with master Jeffrey Yuen who is am 88th generation Daoist priest along with being a Classic Chinese medicine doctor and so much more. Some may refer to this kind of teachings as “new age”  but its actually simply the revival of ancient medicine (medicine that predates western medicine) which is being passed on and taught to people like my husband and I.

The bonus of this 3 day weekend, besides the teachings and wisdom of this course followed by the annual Tucson crystal and gem shows, was seeing my biological (maternal) aunt who lives in Phoenix and drove roundtrip to Tucson for dinner.  Its the second time in my life physically seeing this woman in person who I happen to share so many of my features with. Being adopted and forced to identifying with the family I was “sold” too,  was another profound healing moment of beautiful collective love that on a conscious and unconscious level, just works naturally and harmonically.. Continue reading New age is just the revival of ancient medicine..

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I applied to be a TEDTALK presenter..

I applied to be a TED TALK DETROIT presenter a while back, thinking about how fun it would be to get up on stage and story tell as to how I came into working with crystals and the healthy benefits of alternative healing that are just as important to the mind body and spirit connection..

I think when I filled out the application I was half serious and half taking the piss being silly with myself, really just acting out of the bravery of my inner will wanting to spiritually begin to farm my ideas wherever they may grow..

Sometimes you have to be willing to go outside of your normal domain if you want to play in the big league to get anywhere other than where you currently already requires, no DEMANDS of you to step OUT and be vulnerable and susceptible for any type of open criticism that may come your way..

The irony in all this for me personally was the amount of positive supportive feed back I received regardless of the overall outcome because of who I am, what I do and the power to which I do it..

There will always be snarky naysayers who will try to derail you from your journey, yet those are the people who are motivated out of their own lack of worth looking to rain on your parade while then turning around and try to make it their own..

I waited patiently for months to a response that came with a regret to inform you email, that out of 109 submissions with only 8 time slots available, yours wasn’t one that we chose to select..

After rereading it several times with admittedly a bit of relief, I decided that this was an excellent form of rejection and opportunity..Instead of seeing it as a negative, ive decided to run with it and take this year to really work on my shit so I can actually submit a real application with a video and some resumes esk details for next time..

If life offers you some sort of a road block, you have the decision to make as to how important it is for you to arrive at your destination..sometimes you have to be willing to navigate roads less traveled to arrive at where you want to be and those who have become successful are the ones who didn’t give up after the first road block..

So salute to my first TEDTALK rejection and thank you for even reviewing my application and taking the time to decline..if I have lit a fire cracker up some one elses ass by wanting to to apply for this brilliant platform themselves now, than I have successfully spiritual influenced and inspired someone other than myself..peace love faith hope <3 <3 <3








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i got my magic going on..

img_6337I officially became a level 3 reiki healer last sunday earning my certification in this specific healing modality..woo hoo ( I can hear the applauds going off in my head)!! to be honest, I had no clue I was going to take this journey until I somehow found myself doing it at the push of my husband through my resistance, which is the insane thing about it..

one of the many beautiful things about this experience for me was, I got to share this sacred healing art with other woman who I feel completely connected too and consider privileged to be apart of their healers looking at us, you would never assume that we have shared in this path together, along with having the antenna that’s been dialed for us to serve as healers.. Continue reading i got my magic going on..

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a guided meditation that takes you on a journey to let some shit go <3 enjoy

take in a breath, deep through the depths of your chest digging down into the center of your body pulling the air from the outside in..fill out the cage that holds your life and lungs expanding its life force throughout and imagine in your mind the energetic connections your are making by each inhalation that you take in..

create an image of tree roots coming out from your feet that act as a grounding and planting tool that holds you into the earth steadily while you begin your journey to letting some crucial shit this deep breathing a few times in a row or till you are at a place you naturally begin sinking deeper and deeper into the calming feeling of your oxygenated breath and body feeling rooted and free.. Continue reading a guided meditation that takes you on a journey to let some shit go <3 enjoy

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I cohost a weekly podcast with a friend of mine dori every Monday morning..

here is our latest podcast talking about new years resolutions and our feelings with the negative and positive energies surrounding the intention and results of the making and the breaking of this controversial undertaking..

we love and encourage feed back and ideas for upcoming episode..please leave a comment below!