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I got to see the sun again this morning ( HOORAY ), which is a good thing being that we are quarantined in Michigan.  I just witnessed my 3rd full week of no incoming income go by as an independent, self employed, contractor manicurist so that’s been fun.  The struggle is REAL for me, for you, for everyone really, yet I still choose every day to show up for my life dressed like I have somewhere to be.  I don’t want the universe to misunderstand my vibration so for me, getting dressed in street clothes, doing my hair & putting on some pretty lipstick is sending the vibes that I’m still here, present & ready to go.

Ironically during this 3 week lull, I have read a few books that have reminded me that happiness is a choice, even within the most obscure circumstance.  So yesterday I chose a dance party & did Zumba as my form of movement because I can see the effects of this quarantine taking a toll on my energetic body leaving me to feel heavy at times.  Energy attracts like energy & I want to continue to attract whatever the universe is offering regardless of what Mother Earth is currently doing. She is respectfully in charge of taking care of her planet, just like I am responsibly in charge of taking care of my own circumference. Continue reading WEEK 3 OF QUARANTINE

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Im About To Meet My Biological Mothers Sister, My Aunt

Imagine if you will for a moment being adopted & having the opportunity 47 years later to physically meet your biological kin, the DNA component & the essential missing link to your undisclosed heritage.  Think about that for a deep hearted moment while rolling that around your heart center,  feeling the emotional charge of what it would be like to be in that moment.

A couple years ago, I had the extreme gift of being able to meet my biological fathers sister Monica (my aunt) & her husband Dale (my uncle), who made this special journey to close the circle of where Jack (my biological father) & I had fallen short before his tragic death.  During that entire week I learned the ins & outs of this beautiful family that came to physically meet me for the first time on my 45 birthday.  It was the most natural loving encounter of 2 complete adult blood related strangers that I have ever come to experience. Continue reading Im About To Meet My Biological Mothers Sister, My Aunt

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Sometimes, I draw cards as a projection to what I wish the world could see.. I sit and think about all the things the universe is craving while I shuffle my beloved cards of picturesque beauty that deliver messages in a language that is most elegant and transforming..I think about my role in this equation and how I can participate as a spiritual being who has the ability to transmit energetic  love outward in a boundless matter because love always wins..
THE SUN is a vibrant beautiful energy that nourishes and illuminates so everything is able and capable to shine reminds us that even within the darkness there is the ability to draw forth the light, enlightening us beyond capacity!

2 OF WANDS is attached to the energy of personal power, that flows from the divine intention of ambition and having the ability to achieve any thing you set out to do..influence those around you in a positive uplifting way sharing your infectious inner greatness with those around you inspiring courage to preserver radiating true desire and intention..

3 OF CUPS is a beautiful card reminding us to socialize while making connections with those around you! It’s about friendships community joy abundance wholeness goodness..celebrating all life as unified energy collectively together in harmony and peace..

These are magnifecent cards that I wish for the universe to connect too while infecting mankind to be more gracious loving kindhearted patience open minded invested courageous happy joyful respectful engaging ambitious while radiating in a team spirited way..I hope we can all find serenity in our chaos, the light of the sun in our darkeness, The ability to be connected beyond our limitations and practice the art of forgiveness with an open heart and mind..peace love faith hope

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your secret society from the rest of the world

there is something special about the relationship you are able to create with your partner that is beyond any connection you have with the others that are in your is a sacred experience that unifies the two of you together creating a blissful place you both share on profound levels that others are not privilege to be a part is your secret society from the rest of the world that bonds the unification of your heart mind body spirit soul together creating an oasis of love that is unexplainable and divine on many different levels that is the gift when you become a true is the ultimate intimacy you achieve with your other when you both are in sync and authentically unconditional to each other in a magical way..

i genuinely love being with, spending time with and playing with my husband..he is my best fiend and the one i can be completely let myself unravel with, even when we are out in public..there is the old saying that those who play together will end up staying together, which is the magical ingredient in your relationship..i absolutely love spending quality time together even when spending time consists of sitting on the couch in our sweats laughing and watching t.v, cuddled together..we make a choice daily to nourish this union we chose to commit too, to its fullest since we both come from failed marriages and know the needed ingredients to make it thrive and grow beyond the mundane flow of our every day life..

Continue reading your secret society from the rest of the world

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divine timing doesn’t care where you are in life at all


have you ever been so taken aback by a surprise moment that you are shocked in how could this be possibly happening now right out of left field as your scratching your head and at the same time jumping up and down in utter joy, amazement!..divine timing doesn’t care where you are in life at all..extraordinary shit will magically show up at the exact time it is supposed too, testing you on levels you haven’t even emotionally worked on yet, simply to see if your prepared to take the wisdom you have learned thus far to newer greater heights and give you exactly what you asked for without apologies.. its ironic how a few weeks after i had my conversation with the universe, the forgotten Israeli boy from the banana fields shows back up after so many years gone on facebook..

life isn’t kidding around when it sends you potential gifts if you able to see them as they truly are..sometimes we tend to ignore the signs that we have asked for, possibly begged for, out of fear of actually having to accept the challenge and or change the course of the navigation that you are currently traveling on..sometimes these gifts are given with no strings attached and sometimes they come with lessons you on a soul level are being prepared to face..after a weeks of correspondence back and forth and eventually skype, I knew the little boy I once innocently loved in a most pure way and had the most unique profound connection too, was now a handsome attractive grown up man facing me from across the world in a very different light challenging all my greatest beliefs.. Continue reading divine timing doesn’t care where you are in life at all