The Unabbreviated Enthusiasts podcast..episode 3

i love these coffee conversations with my cohost and friend Dori..we are the unabbreviated enthusiasts and we are a Monday morning weekly podcast talking about life wrapped up in our own unique style..we would love to hear your feedback and encourage comments below..thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy this episode on WHO WE ARE.. you can contactContinue reading “The Unabbreviated Enthusiasts podcast..episode 3”

for fuck sake its only a fucking coffee machine..

I came home from work saturday to find awaiting my arrival a huge wrapped gift on the chair, giving me a sense of anxiety because it was in my specific space at the kitchen table letting me know this present was for me only..i automatically said to my husband that I wasn’t accepting gifts right now, and that I wasn’t goingContinue reading “for fuck sake its only a fucking coffee machine..”

the last time i got to hug my daughter shezaf

I’ve realized there are going to be some hard days with being a mom to a child just want an opportunity to hug them and hold them in your arms, sometimes just because and other times because there is nothing like that of being their beloved mother..the last time I got to hug my daughter Shezaf was back in December when weContinue reading “the last time i got to hug my daughter shezaf”