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there is no greater gift nor present than the one I actually get to create from scratch with my beloved husband

well its officially over and that’s a wrap, “POOF” an era ended just like that..who would have ever thought that we would have been able to one day grow out of the apartment that housed us all for the last 7 full years..especially when there were so many naysayers trying to create negatives within all our positives showing the world before us in the end that LOVE ALWAYS WINS..i cant stress it enough!

we have miraculously managed to live in a 1000 plus square foot space successfully, teaching me personally in truth about the real meaning of simplicity..i have no problem getting rid and purging items that are irrelevant and in the end only take up space that you can otherwise occupy you with love and good energy..

there is something incredibly wonderfully beautiful about packing up a household that no longer fits your family any more and knowing when its your time to move on..being able to finally have the capability to leave a space for somewhere different offering room to grow has been some kind of magic and I am beyond proud of the journey we have all taken to get to here..

all the things I was taught as lessons from the past are being currently applied to the now, creating success and abundance in accordance to all the hard work and effort I, we have put in to it..sometimes when you do the work your required to do along the hard journeys way, the worth you acquire pays off 10 fold making it all for something much greater than what you ever imagined would happen..

while we have always filled the contents of our space with love, we now have the ability to create a HOME that belongs to the both of us influenced from the streams of our connections and the decor of our heart and spirit..for this there is no greater gift nor present than the one I actually get to create from scratch with my beloved husband that is a true reflection of us as a couple, not to mention we can now finally hang a mezuzah..

so as I handed over my keys to the apartment today I smiled for us all, knowing in my heart the walls of our before will carry over to the structure of our new home creating more beautiful ideas, thoughts, impressions, fantasies, dreams, desires of abundant prosperous happenings..its only just the beginning for us in the city of Wixom <3

as I closed that door once last time, easily mind you, I have no hesitation of not ever looking back behind me and going to the home that now houses our new adventure in living..BYE BYE NOVI HELLO WIXOM…peace love faith hope





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i have lately been conveniently blind from being over fearful

there is something very precious with the PAGE OF WANDS, a true sense of healthy fascination and awe in the pleasure of watching creation manifest before its eyes..this card represents the action that is taking place energetically around you offering you some creative opportunities at your beckon call..if you look at this card specifically, there is growth forming, budding and blossoming LIFE on the wand in a landscape that appears bleak and empty looking dry and vacant, making it the YES YOU FUCKING CAN card..

there is a huge creative force emerging from this “stick” offering up its opportunity for enthusiasm in what is before you, regardless of what is currently surrounding you..sometimes, we just cant seem to see “IT” by being conveniently blinded and are unable to clearly focus on what is smack dab in front of us, only seeing the obscurity that is depleted around us.. Continue reading i have lately been conveniently blind from being over fearful

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i believe that even though there are people who don’t like what I have to say, people still listen


14485013_1144781608917892_2160682994187861740_nI have been thinking recently again, which in itself is a much scary thought, about shifting my self into adding something different into my repertoire tool box to further me along this path of life..i have be sitting with my purpose lately inspired by my husband and a couple of conversations I have had with respected friends about where I ascend from here and how far I can actually spread my beautiful wings..

I can confirm at this moment that I haven’t a clue what it is exactly I want to achieve, I just know what I have inside of my soul and a spirit that has the desire to spread wisdom and offer a chance at healing others along the way..i have loved what I do professionally as a manicurist and the connections made with people leading me to this continuous conversation with myself and the craving I have to connect with others around the other side of my manicure table.. Continue reading i believe that even though there are people who don’t like what I have to say, people still listen

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if your looking to quit a habit that took over 20 years to have, it might take longer than a couple of days that somehow you seem to think will magically disappear over night





ahhhhh… the new year is approaching quickly and the chirping sound of peoples “resolutions” is amongst the background chatter with all the promises of breaking habits because shit, its a BRAND NEW YEAR..this is it, this is the year I succeed until of course it gets REAL, real quick ..then one week later and a million and one excuses why, your tumbling backwards quicker than before..

its super easy to air talk someone a bullshit series of excuses as to why being committed to changing something is difficult..most people have a very warped sense of reality and are accustomed to a quick fix change that takes them from point A to point K without having to do a thing, learning absolutely nothing about the process of hard work in between and no accountability what so ever for the lack of participation and negative behavior..

most people give up in the early stages because they are quickly depleted and more importantly begin to resent the change being thrown upon them no matter who suggested the resolution in the first place..some peoples intentions are very heroic and real in the past tense bubble but when the present time appears, it becomes to much to take on and handle for someone who is weak minded and seriously struggling with no support and encouragement around them..

I met a lady at the gym a few years ago, who lost roughly around 180 pounds or more BY HER SELF without using a program over a coarse of 2 years..the first time I saw her on the machine I thought holy shit, good for her, no matter how hard it was for her and how slow and sluggish she moved, she just SHOWED UP every single solitary day..she never smiled at me, smelled like cigarette smoke but was committed to the gym and the process she had set for herself..

one day finally after weeks of smiling at her with nothing ever in return, she finally smiled back and I made a break through..i started to work out next to her on purpose because I wanted to peal those layers and see the authenticity of her soul and her genuine turned out she was a victim of circumstance and decided she needed to change her life..she arrived at getting it, and what that was going to demand of her in return, god bless her!

her husband on the other hand was trying to sabotage her and was not supportive at all being obese himself, while shaming her for wanting to do this..he would purposely cook meals or carry in food that was a total deterrent for her weight loss trying to lure her back into her old body..she continued to push ahead with her healthy route and shed more pounds then ever was a beautiful transformation that I got to witness first hand when you connect the mind body and spirit together!

she left my gym eventually to join powerhouse because it offered her more equipment, classes and a pool to maintain and continue her journey of self..the last time I ran into her she had kept the weight off and was still working out daily as part of her regimen with a new makeover to match her brand new self..i have profound respect for her and the ability to overcome daily obstacles that im sure at times where overshadowed by the haters to her personal change..

when you manage your resolutions to the ability that you are able to maintain it, you create healthy expectations that allows you to achieve the goals that you have set..if your looking to quit a habit that took over 20 years to have, it might take longer than a couple of days that somehow you seem to think will magically disappear over night..ever habit that has been created, needs time, effort, stamina and a strong mind to break and then some..

most people forget when making a new years resolution, that their currant environment may not be so supportive and encouraging and that sometimes is your biggest offensive tackle yet..those are some of your greatest obstacles because it forces you to not only change yourself, but it also demands of you to take a real look around your circle and change that as well, which could be a real Debbie downer in the meantime process..

find someone you look up too or admire, that can give you outside honest advice that is not family or friends..those people might not want to see you really change in the end when it forces a group dynamic change leaving you potentially as an outsider..don’t give up on yourself because it gets hard and becomes a true source of pain, that is where you are redefining your cellular makeup creating new divisions of profoundness in your mind body and spirit that is in the process of reshaping itself..

any thing worth something comes with a price of some sort, and anything of value has the potential to cost something in return..if you are committed to the pursuit of your resolutions for happiness, health, joy, peace and love the reward in the end will always justify the means and out way all that you gave up in the beginning of your of luck..peace love faith hope






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the true emptiness of the ego thrives on needing validation and applause for looking like a righteous good person in a spiritual ornament persona, gag me with a spoon and BARF


I had a most personal transformational discovery this year that through virtue by some might have cost me a lot in the beginning, but in my hindsight was worth the gamble I took in order to really find my inner see, sometimes you have to be willing to roll your dice, show some of your cards enough that people realize you aint fucken around anymore and then decide if your going to play your hand out no matter the outcome..

i realized in this specific process that there are some really extraordinary people who really DO have your best interest and those are the ones to hold on too nourishing the ties that bind you..i opened the exit door by rolling my dice strategically which gave way to those who spoke with thorns the opportunity to leave on their own accord because of personal limited truths which has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them.

I have had some expected criticism for my outspoken decisions which is okay with me because I know in truth what I represent is very scary for most..i have come to realize that limited people see things in a limited minded way, with a limited space for you to occupy, that in essence holds a limited place for you to reside in their limited reality..that volume alone spoken is invigorating to the absolute freeing of the narrow capacity to which you once decided to reside me in..

there is the old yet prudent saying that you are exactly what you eat, just like you are who you surround yourself with being true to your environment in all spiritual mental emotional and physical aspects..for example if you eat shitty food all the time, im pretty sure its going to effect your health holding you SOLEY accountable even when you try to shift blame to the food industry because its easier than being angry at yourself for the damage you first hand created..

I see a lot of people “speak spiritual”, yet their application and demonstration is the ultimate work of the ego instead of the humble gift within the spirit..the true emptiness of the ego thrives on needing validation and applause for looking like a righteous good person in a spiritual ornament persona, gag me with a spoon and spiritual as fuck, with pure honest intentions and own entirely that I have gotten taken a couple of times by the spiritual chatter because I get so overly excited when people start to speak my language..

surround yourself with people who get it, even if it is harder than it requires a form of understanding between your heart and your gut, your intuition and the mental and emotional cords that are connecting you to the universe instead of consuming you in the physical world that can be very distracting..we all want to believe and associate with things that keep us comfortable and stable, offering up a substance like fuel that keeps us living but not utterly alive to our grandest potential..

don’t ever be afraid of change, its apart of our required skill of humanness and is our experiences with life that we are gifted the natural process of discovering who we are and the things that we like and love that bring us happiness and maturity..there is nothing wrong with saying no more to things that are not healthy for you even if everybody else is still doing it..

you are the only person who know what if feels like to be you and the only person who is responsible for your own peace of what makes you feel good, harming no one and yet taking no brave enough to be a leader instead of a follower to some one elses ways setting your own record trends..we are all wired according to our own desired uniqueness and what is good for one might not be so comfortable for another so just fucking rock your fierceness while the intimidated go away..peace love faith hope




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this time of year for me personally is magical, tragically beautiful on so many divine levels

this year is slowly winding down to the end as we begin to approach September with three months left till we wave goodbye to the weather begins to change and nature is already in the harvest of its fall, you can see, feel and smell the happenings of this autumn time..while the shedding begins to take place around us, the universe begins to prepare us for what is in store for as time and seasons adjust accordingly..

symbolically and energetically, this is the absolute time of year to start to wash and shed old patterns, routines, issues that are no longer valuable that are beginning or have come to an end..being able to see its death in a metaphorical way is prudent to the rebirth and growth in its needed transformation during the upcoming winter months..these cycles in nature are just as imperative to our spiritual cycles within ourselves giving us the ability to change and evolve according to the flow of life.. Continue reading this time of year for me personally is magical, tragically beautiful on so many divine levels

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it was there my inner phoenix was born

there are specific times when we are called upon by the universe to finally participate in epic shit, even if we are not feeling so outstanding to do so at that particular moment, maybe possibly not even able to recognize the value of this gift because of where we feel we are..but that from what I have learned,  is the absolute perfect point..

the door will begin to open opportunities when we least expect it, maybe within our lowest point of calling simply as a test to see if your willing to commit to the prayers you have been screaming loudly silently religiously giving you a shot at your dreams sometimes even at the most inconvenient times..the question is what do you want to do, really?

I cant stand, have no patience, for someone who complains all the time about their life not ever taking a breathe to see and have ownership of how they got there..more importantly what can be creatively changed, altered, improved, revamped, landscaped, planted, and finished in the moment giving them clear opportunity for revival of self.. its so unfortunate that not every body wants to evolve heal change because miserable wears better than happiness I guess..they are a classic victim to their own personal spiritual massacre holding their own blades as the world is blamed for their shortcomings and problems one single personal slash as a time..

I personally have a hard time with this specific behavior, probably because as a once gullible, timid, shy, unspoken, quiet easy to manipulate, fearful female unable to speak my truth,  I had to learn to fight to the death of that persona to attach myself to the goddess within and allow her to reign with my fierce scorpioness that was awaiting my absolute truth and it was there my inner phoenix was born..taking with me all the patheticness as I crashed and burned into the cavity of my inner darkness returning with a mastery of wisdom glowing radiantly declaring my return to authentic FIRST beloved of a series of symbolic tattoos was the phoenix on my neck supporting the journey In the making I was about take..literally, I came back the titanium warrior..1150392_10151680018958145_572938176_n

I know not every one has the tools and strength to accomplish change, shit I didn’t either, but when the energies of the universe are knocking at your door, offering you the opportunity for change, why would you waste the wishes that you have spent moments crying into your hands to roll off and onto the floor that will forever pool in your keyless have to RISK in order to succeed in anything that you have to BELIEVE in your mission profoundly and you have to have unwavering FAITH when everyone else wont..

I feel the universe starting to challenge me again, I see and feel the possibilities that are up and coming and its only within my own strength that I can follow with an open heart doing my homework and taking notes for this upcoming EPIC CHANGE..yes, it is scary, yes it is hard, yes it is unstable, yes it is challenging, and yes it takes all of your courage to RISE to the occasion, but that should never derail you from the dreams you dream, the prayers you pray for and the vision you wish to ascend too..

good luck and may you find the wisdom within the lesson when you are able to leave the outworn behind shedding your limitations so the universe can be limitless with your prayers rewarding your bravery every single shift at a time! peace love faith hope..