The art in healing..

ive cried a lot lately, for so many different reasons I would really need to write a book to convey all its glorious which has been a thought I have played with for a long time now..I just dont seem to want to hold my shit in anymore (this working with crystals is really powerful), breaking apart emotionally almost as a form of […]

I feel spiritually different having had now all the hands upon me energetically restoring what was once lost to be now found..

  CRAZY FLIPPEN WOWZA stuff just happened after an unbelievable extraordinary life long dream reunion week I just had with my aunt jody from my biological mothers side of the family..i have been trying to wait for my magical dust to settle down inside my heart (which isnt happening) in order for me to be able to write and share the rest of my reunion story (snort snort).. so […] about to once again meet my very flesh and blood on my mothers side this time

  imagine if you will for a moment being adopted and having the opportunity to physically meet your biological kin, the DNA component and the essential link to your undisclosed heritage..think about that for a deep hearted moment while rolling that around your heart center and feeling the emotional charge that is happening within your body because of it.. a couple […]

I don’t need a day in may to know my worth as a mother

  I decided to trash a blog I wrote the other day in “honor” of mothers day because it was just too harsh, even by my standards if you can even believe that..people at times, perceive me to be some what insensitive of others because I share my truth when in reality it is actually others who have been morally and ethically […]

its nice to see finally a series “THIS IS US” that describes a part of me in a rawness otherwise non adopted folks will never begin to fathom

    my husband and I just starting watching the series “this is us” on demand by my clients recommendation adding a bit more depth (lol) into our otherwise sheepish bravo reality t.v  housewives run we have been having for the last looong while..who knew we would both need a tissue box for every fucking episode and we only just finished the 3rd one.. […]

one day the beautiful spirit of chris showed up

do you ever believe that your not alone when in truth you perceive yourself to be? Do you believe that when life is over, and our loved ones who have left this physical world are no longer available for communication when unexplainable things go on around us.. you see, I believe in spirit, and for many years believed […]

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