Why I Outgrew Drinking & Chose To Live Clean

I was a youthful stoner party drinker, finding myself finishing off a bottle of wine & a spliff before the hour ended.  Tipsy or stoner drunk was the most perfect place for me to be in my 20’s & 30’s, enjoying the numb buzz that made every thing seem beautiful & my interior world fadeContinue reading “Why I Outgrew Drinking & Chose To Live Clean”

why I chose to retire my party animal spirit <3

I used to be a partier back in my late teens all the way up to my 30s, almost to the point of what’s now considered “binging”..i always seemed to want to extend the fun or in hindsight numb my pain which ever was more prominent in that specific moment or time in my life.. For me, I could rideContinue reading “why I chose to retire my party animal spirit <3”

I was one bad ass quarter bounce player

I was a serious short term party girl once, a really good one in fact! I had the ultimate desire to perfect that ability within certain limitations I had for myself out of respect, while mastering the skills of what went into that specific box and category..what can I say, you either go BIG or go homeContinue reading “I was one bad ass quarter bounce player”