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Do it your self manicure tutorial

I have had a few of my clients reach out to me during this isolation period, expressing to me how much they miss their time with me & their manicures.  So I decided to make this tutorial to show people some easy steps at getting a pretty good home manicure from yourself.





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who knew one could gain an imperative life lesson from the simple tube of a lipstick..

I had to pass some time on monday before going to my healing appointment and decided to go into Ulta for some shits and giggles..i was over at another beauty supply (im a manicurist) anyways killing time so why not enter a kingdom of lipstick heaven as well..

i have never really gotten into makeup as a whole and could care less about eye shadow, highlighter and all that other jaz (im still wearing the same color blue eye liners for the last 35 years) but lipstick that’s a whole other can never really have too many tubes of lip shit, RIGHT..

while wandering through the isles of endless beauty products, my hand slowly became a scribble patch of lipstick colors that started to take a life of their own..i simply love anything that sparkles and has a shimmery iridescent hue to it, taking my bare naked lips from their natural flesh tone state to a lustrous opalescent pop..SWAK..

I have been a long devoted MAC lipstick fan since the late 80s when I splurge and treat myself outside my standard drug store brands..i have always been loyal to this make up company loving their style of lip smackers and the colors they boldly inspire woman to dare to wear..yet lately I have found myself quite disappointed every time I visit their counter leaving empty handed..

the other day however, the lipstick gods aligned me with a new brand having an assortment of shades I instantly fell in love was as if the soul of lipstick and the soul of my lips found each other after all this time..who knew walking into ulta I would discover my new favorite brand LIPSTICK QUEEN..

I know it sounds stupid but im sure some of you reading this have experienced some sort of mission in trying to find the right item that you know was out there just waiting to be discovered by you.. for years I have been searching high and low, settling for the closest thing I could find, not quite having exactly what I wanted but close enough to shut me up temporarily..

occasionally i found at times the quality of the product not being as authentic and organic as I wished it to be, yet offering me instead the correct color and shimmer to distract my overall need..once in a while it was the after effects of the ingredients that made my lips too dry, leaving them chapped instead of moisturized which wasn’t good for me either..

sometimes, it was the justified push of others saying how wonderful that $23 dollar shade of color looked, knowing deep down in the mirror it really looked like shit..there are times you settle going along with the crowd to blend in and be apart of the trend even though you know full well you don’t fit in..

every so often, when you least expect it, you get to stumble upon something so exciting and magnificent that grabs your attention and demands your immediate is only up to you to decide whether or not you will proceed to the “checkout” finalizing the deal or continue to walk on not wanting to risk the chance at something new..

who knew one could gain an imperative life lesson from the simple tube of a products not only can enlighten the exterior shell of your self, yet can also teach you a thing or two about the interior motives and desires of your inner being..peace love faith hope..<3





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what is said at the table, stays at the table

I have been a working manicurist for over 18 years now, among one of the longest continuous committed relationship I have had thus far in my life..i got into this business after I came back home from Israel after living there for 7.5 years returning with barley any usable skills..i had recently become a single mom to my one year old little girl and was living with my parents because basically I had no where else to go and couldn’t afford to live and support us as a cashier and waitress..i felt like such a fucking LOSER..

I had always wanted to go to beauty school as cliché as that sounds, I really did..i knew as a little girl I wanted to work within this empire at some capacity and make the world a tiny bit more beautiful one person at a while I was trying to get my shit together, my mom actually suggested I go to beauty school and get a trade that will afford me to take care of my child, and the next thing I knew I had enrolled into manicuring school a month later with the support and encouragement of my parents.. Continue reading what is said at the table, stays at the table