Everything around you is an authentic expression of yourself!

we are all collectively and individually on a journey in our human costume, mirroring our selves to each other in a transparent way that can sometimes be very overwhelming at times..it can hold the keys to many different encounters aligning soul to soul connections that are deeper than the human conscious understanding unlocking territories that […]

i can still remember clearly when the world got milli vanillied

        I watched the Grammys a couple of nights ago for the first time in years, simply because my husband was busy doing office work and my daughter was facetiming her posy in her bedroom which left me alone with the remote control on the couch..i should have picked up my book and put the stereo on instead […]

you can have a designer decorated beautiful cake, but if the ingredients inside are toxic and unhealthy, its still going to make you sick

sometimes in life, especially when you enter into adulthood, you have to start to accept people for exactly who and the way they are and decide from there if your capable of remaining in their sacred space..the beautiful thing about CHOICE is it allows you to answer the questions within ourselves if were able to continue to participate in the relationship in the […]

I was once a bonehead

What does it take to awaken the enlighten self within? how many times must you repeat the same mistakes with different behavior modifications before you get the gist of the lesson that are before you? why is it so hard to change your belief behind the ideas of logic which could possibly change the outcome of another potential disaster that you set your […]

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