I smell fall all around me waking the witch inside………

its that time of year again..when mothers rally in thousands, millions probably celebrating their kids returning back to school after a long summer break..my facebook thread this morning was bombarded with photos of first day pictures of their beautiful children returning to the educational institute for higher learning..i still have one more week to go before IContinue reading “I smell fall all around me waking the witch inside………”

Why I Rehabbed From People

I feel less inclined to make public what is going on with me personally, especially threw social media outlets allowing things to become more sacred for myself.  Im no longer apt from a balanced ego standpoint to make my self feel socially relevant & use the clicks of like from people to feel special.  I am all that without the confirmation from the outlets that in reality can become unhealthy, addictive & disruptive to the reality of a natural exisstance.  

its all about the transformation of ones self, that only you can do for yourself..

I went to my monthly tarot meet up yesterday at the Boston tea room which is a metaphysical shop located in downtown Ferndale..to me, its the equivalent of my daughter madi, who’s obsessed with make up, going to Sephora..i feel like my inner child is awakened in this kind of environment as I get to “play” and “dabble”Continue reading “its all about the transformation of ones self, that only you can do for yourself..”

P.S…when destiny decided to throw you a bone

what if you knew deep down in the smallest threads of your soul, that somewhere along the way in your life, you had encountered your souls TRUE mate..would you ever believe the feeling in your gut, knowing some where out there, some place, at one moment in time, you connected with a specific person so intensely that it was etched into theContinue reading “P.S…when destiny decided to throw you a bone”